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Day: August 13, 2018

Where are we? We are the designers at The Edge of Creation

we are GOD

The “Edge of Creation” is a guidebook for an adventure in the evolution of consciousness.  The awareness of our true ability as the creators of reality is an inevitable result of the higher consciousness we are evolving toward.  This journey will help you shift your perception of reality as you discover more about your true […]

You are God. We are God.

we are GOD

That’s right, YOU are God.  You may have had people telling you all your life that God was some divine force that you were to look up to, pray to and possibly believe was going to punish you for wrongdoing.  That is all incorrect. You are the Creator and the master of the Universe.  Everything […]

The Big Truth

we are GOD

(Your name here) is a made up character in a time-space-material world.  The book, The Edge of Creation, is about learning how to gain more control over the character you have created.  The highly evolved conscious being that is the real you has invented this character to interact with the time-space world you find yourself […]