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YOU’RE INVITED:  Club Tropical Excursions and The Designer of Reality™ Series

Today is a very sad day (02-15-2021) because I received the news that my Guide for these excursions so far has left the game. Hank Wesselman was one of our most knowledgeable and intentional sharers of ancient and shamanic spiritual knowledge. In a time when we are realizing how out of whack our perceptions about reality have become it is very clear that direct revelation is one of the best ways to ascertain direction and analysis of current situations.

Over the many years, Hank has shared thoughts on the value and process of direct revelation to access higher and non-linear intelligence to learn about and alter perceived reality by going beyond “Mind”. As Physicist David Bohm informs us (and this is amplified by others more recently like Paul Levy in his information about the Wetiko Virus) the problem we are faced with as a society is “with thought itself”. We humans pride ourselves on being able to figure things out and solve any challenge we are faced with. But when there is a “virus” affecting “thinking” one cannot rely on logic any longer because the logic has been corrupted. The “reality” has been infected with an “us and them” logic based on separation and self preservation rather than a logic based on mutual interdependence. With Shamanic Journeying one gets to go outside normal thought to a realm outside the time space continuum where we have chosen to believe we physically exist. Prayer and meditation have always offered glimpses of direct revelation but Shamanic Journeying allows one to find a kind of road map or guide beyond what to most seems the obvious reality of our life. By “going out of your mind”, you can reach normally hidden realms of a bigger reality. This is a consciousness separate from the EGO self that is ruled by the shared consciousness and beliefs of the social group or society one is a part of.

I have long had an awareness of and experience with direct revelation – the kind that comes out of prayer and meditation or is experiences as “inspiration”. I thank Hank for providing what can be called a “scientific” process and a series of experiments to give a new level of participatory access to these alternate reality realms. The key awareness for us is that all these levels of reality are intrinsically linked and therefore, if we can cause a change on one level, it will cause a corresponding shift on ALL levels. In this way, we can directly contribute to “healing” the ills of the world.

I am most appreciative that I got to spend all the hours of time with Hank and an exciting group of people in our Shamanic Circle. I don’t know if the group will evolve further now that Hank has departed but I shall most definitely continue to share and teach the concepts I have learned. Like his close friend and teacher the great Kahuna elder Hale Makua, Hank believed we were entering a new age of man – one that would bring us back together in an awareness of our higher selves beyond the ego character we have come to believe we are. Hank has an enlightening book that shares many of his basic thoughts and insights. Here is a part of the Amazon book review: The Re-Enchantment offers a compelling blueprint for the emerging transformational spirituality—not a return to the superstition and ignorance of old beliefs, but a “modern upgrade of the path of the shaman” that integrates our advances in reason into a new story about who we are and where we fit in to the greater whole. “Shamanism is a method, not a religion,” Dr. Wesselman writes. “When practiced with humility, reverence, and self-discipline, the shaman’s path can become a way of life, one that may enrich our experience beyond measure.

It is my belief – like Hank and his primary teacher Hale Makua that it is up to us to share this wisdom to help our society break free of the self destructive patterns and concepts that engender fear and anxiety. The currently prevalent paradigm pits us against each other in a battle for survival. Each of us may at times feel isolated and totally out on our own in dealing with the world. Following the Shaman path assures us we are far from alone at any time and that we always have access to the knowledge and perspectives offered by these thought forms and beings inhabiting innumerable alternate realities. Hank would not have left the game if he had felt it important that he complete the lessons he had planned for our Shamanic Circle. I believe we have been given the knowledge and gifts we need to carry this healing message out into time. My hope is that I will never lose touch with Hank – it would also be nice if some connection with our Circle of Fellow Adventurers’ will be maintained. Thanks to all and hopes that our influence can be a transfusion of hope and inspiration to everyone currently playing along in this Time Space Reality.

John A. Brodie and The PositiVibes Network hope to encourage people to have an vision of their lives as a wonderful adventure game.  We are calling it “the Gaia Game” since our playing field happens to be the planet Earth.  We are each a “Designer of Reality” helping to shape not only our own life experience but influencing the collective experience of all consciousness on this planet.  As we each focus on wanted outcomes by focusing on that which we truly appreciate and praise, we empower those versions of reality to materialize in our perceived time space adventure.  By our attention on our hearts desires in as many of our “now” moments as we are able, we empower those versions of reality to materialize in our shared perception of this time space adventure.  By treating the whole process as a “game” we can easily accept the idea of being presented challenges to overcome.  The adventure comes in learning to develop and utilize our personal power to find solutions to the ever more challenging circumstances we are faced with.  Our mission is to bring others into this awareness as we go forth with great enthusiasm and a growing awareness and vision for increased levels of love, joy and overall well being of all.

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