The Time Space Adventurers (book cover)

Let us suggest that you are a dreamer weaving a tale of imagination as one of the players in a grand adventure story being played out here on Planet Earth.  You are an artist using your imagination to create while letting your heart’s desires be your compass. You are a Time Space Adventurer and a Designer of Reality. What’s your story?

Section One:  The Time Space Adventurers offers an assortment of autobiographical stories discussing cultural influences that have evolved our beliefs about “reality”. Included are exercises and ideas to help you develop your ability to intentionally design and transform your life and the emergent world reality. Your state of mind, hopes and dreams define your life and influence all of Creation.

Section Two:  The Designer of Reality™ section is a “User’s Manual” to coach and inspire you to live your life as the exciting adventure it is supposed to be.  Everything begins first as an idea. We are a storytelling species. Our stories create our reality. It’s the adventure of a lifetime so be happy and have fun, sharing PositiVibes and love with all that you encounter!

All will not always turn out the way you want but, seek out the silver lining in every cloud and let your hopes and dreams guide your path.  You are the author of the story you are living.  What will you create for yourself and the world?  We hope that this guidebook will help you find more fun and satisfaction in the days ahead.  

Design Your 2023 to be an evolutionary and transformative year of PositiVibes.

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