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Donald Trump working to pull off his biggest con job - Evangelicals think he works for God and he's really Satan's emissary.

Once upon a time, in a small town nestled between rolling hills, there existed a tight-knit community of evangelical Christians who passionately believed that Donald Trump was divinely chosen to lead their nation. For years, they had fervently supported him, convinced that his policies and actions aligned with their interpretation of God’s will.

The story unfolds on a crisp autumn day when a series of events began to unravel the tightly woven narrative that had bound this community together. A charismatic preacher, who had been a staunch advocate for Trump, started to question the true nature of the man they had placed so much faith in.

As the preacher delved deeper into the actions and character of Donald Trump, he couldn’t ignore the signs of greed, cruelty, hatred, and bigotry that had always been present but had been rationalized or overlooked. He began to see through the façade of moral righteousness that had been constructed around the former leader.

The preacher’s newfound revelation spread like wildfire within the evangelical community. Congregants, once staunch supporters, started to question their beliefs and reconsider the values they had associated with their political idol. It was a day of introspection and soul-searching as the realization dawned that they might have been misled.

The town’s church became a gathering place for open discussions and reflections. People grappled with the uncomfortable truth that the man they had hailed as a defender of Christian values might, in fact, be representing something entirely different. The once unwavering support wavered, replaced by a collective sense of betrayal.

In the weeks that followed, the community faced a moral reckoning. Some chose to distance themselves from the political figure they had once championed, while others grappled with the cognitive dissonance of acknowledging the flaws in their chosen leader.

The preacher, once a staunch Trump supporter, became a beacon of honesty and introspection. He encouraged his congregation to focus on the core tenets of their faith – love, compassion, and forgiveness – and to evaluate political figures based on those principles rather than blind loyalty.

This pivotal moment marked a turning point for the evangelical community, prompting a collective awakening to the dangers of unquestioning allegiance and a reminder that true spirituality transcends political affiliations. It was a tale of self-discovery, humility, and the power of critical thinking in the face of deception.