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Category: Intentional Creation

YOU are GOD. WE are GOD.


You are an adventurer playing what we are calling The Gaia Game. It’s the biggest game on the planet and while you may not realize it you can have full access to the energy that is designing the Universe here at The Edge of Creation. Your Reality will overlap all the other Realities but everything […]

You are God.

You are the designer of reality.

You are God.  That’s right, YOU are God. You may have had people telling you all your life that God was some divine force that you were to look up to, pray to and possibly believe was going to punish you for wrongdoing. That is all incorrect. You are the Creator and the master of […]

Who am I? Who are You?

You are the Designer of Reality - what you gonna do?

I am an unlimited spiritual being inhabiting a physical form. I inhabit this physical form to contribute to the ongoing creation and shaping of the reality we all share. I came forth into this life adventure to learn and play and contribute. I am guided in what I do by always seeking feelings of love […]

The Future of the World is in Your Mind

You are the Designer of Reality

Our intent is to build a network of people who are promoting and believing in a more enlightened and joy filled future for the planet. As a part of that we will be celebrating the efforts of individuals who are taking direct action to improve the life experience of others. There is much more good […]