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Some of the following is excerpted from the book "The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World by Lynne McTaggart" (
Specific intentions seem to work best. Make sure to make your intentions highly specific and directed—and the more detailed, the better. State your entire intention, and include what it is you would like to change, to whom, when, and where. Use the following as a checklist (as news reporters do) to ensure you have covered every specific: who, what, when, where, why, and how. It may help if you draw a picture of your intention, or create a collage from photos or magazine pictures. Place this where you can look at it often.

Practice Visualizing
You can practice visualization first by getting into a meditative state and imagining the following, while recalling or imagining as much as you can about the sights and smells, and your feelings about them:"

The Mental Dry Run
As with elite athletes, the best way to send an intention is to visualize the outcome you desire with all your five senses in real time. Visualization, or guided imagery, involves using images and/or internal messages to obtain a desired goal. It can be used for any desired outcome—to change or improve your living situation, job, relationships, physical condition or health, state of mind (from negative to positive), or outlook on life or even a specific aspect of yourself, including your personality. It can also be used to send intentions to someone else. Self-guided imagery is a little like self-hypnosis. Plan a mental image of the outcome of your intention well ahead of time. Many people believe that when carrying out visualization, you must “see” the exact image clearly in your mind’s eye. But for an intention it isn’t necessary to have a sharp internal image or, indeed, any image at all. It is enough to just think about an intention, without a mental picture, and simply to create an impression, a feeling, or a thought. Some of us think in images, others through words, still others through sounds, touch, or the spatial relationship between objects. Your mental rehearsal will depend on which senses are most developed in your brain."

In your meditative state, enter into a zone where you relax your sense of “I” and you sense a merging with the object of your intention and The Field. Frame your intention, state it clearly, and then let go of the outcome. At this point, you may sense that the intention is taken over by some greater force. Close your internal meditation with a request and then move your own ego aside. Remember: this “power” does not originate with you—you are its conduit. Think of it as a request you are sending to the universe.

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