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Our Opportunity

Please join us in creating an ever more positive future for the planet – it is up to us for better or worse.

We are all here at this time and place with an opportunity to transform the future of life on this planet in very wonderful ways.  As the level of consciousness of the human species continues to evolve, we are beginning to realize that it is our beliefs that shape the physical world.  By focusing on new and improved ways of doing things we can gradually solve problems from the inside out.  As more of us join together in an attitude of hope, appreciation and positive anticipation our naturally creative natures will transform the world.  Old fears, prejudices and limiting beliefs will fade into the past.  We are the Designer’s of Reality here at the Edge of Creation.

We are at “The Edge of Creation” and our intentions and beliefs about the future will determine the “reality” of the future.

The “Gaia Game Alliance” is being developed to promote the idea that “appearances” of what is going on in the world are the result of our conscious decisions. Changing what we “believe” changes what we “experience”. Nothing is “fixed” or predetermined. We are all a part of an ongoing adventure story and we are the creators of everything that manifests in physical form. That is our role in the game.

Reality is up to us.

You are here to master the art of designing your own personal reality. That is what The Gaia Game and The Gaia Game Alliance are all about. Together we can alter the course of the future.

As you are well aware, there is much “unwanted” in our adventure world. Many people’s adventures are not particularly enjoyable and are filled with a great deal of fear and worry and general lack of well-being. A change of mind can fix this. The Gaia Game Alliance is a made up organization that will influence positive shifts in what we collectively view as reality by consistently creating these ideas on an individual basis. The larger our group of individuals envisioning and promoting new and more positive beliefs about the shape of reality, the more the perceived (and experienced) reality for everyone sharing this Gaia (Earth) adventure will be. Together we can joyously transform the world by keeping our energy focused solely on “wanted” and refusing to worry or fear anything.

Please join us in the “Gaia Game Alliance” and focus on spreading a vision of new and improved future experiences of reality by encouraging a focus only on what is wanted rather than applying any concern or energy on opposing anything.