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What It Means to Be a Designer of Reality

Being a “Designer of Reality” means recognizing and embracing the power we have to shape our world through our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. It involves understanding that we are not merely passive observers but active creators of our experiences. A Designer of Reality takes responsibility for their influence on the environment and strives to create positive change, fostering harmony, compassion, and joy.

Importance for Creating a Positive Future

In the current pivotal moment in human history, where the fate of humanity and the planet is at risk, the role of a Designer of Reality is crucial. By living intentionally and setting positive examples, we can inspire others and create a ripple effect that leads to broader societal and environmental transformations.

Our purpose is to expand our circles of influence and collaborate with like-minded individuals to build a future that reflects our highest aspirations. This involves believing in our ability to overcome crises and challenges, viewing them as opportunities to design new and improved solutions that promote balance and order.

The Premise

We are creators, not just witnesses of creation. Challenges arise to inspire us to innovate and improve, not to defeat us. Our true purpose is to imagine and believe in a world of balance and harmony, following a path that brings satisfaction, happiness, and peace. Mistakes are part of our learning process, sharpening our abilities to shape the future.

Every moment is a new opportunity, a chance to redefine what will be. By believing in ourselves and sharing our strength and light with the world, we can spread love and joy. We are peacemakers and warriors of spirit, capable of channeling unlimited power to heal and create positive change.

Guided by Inspiration

Following our heart’s desires and instincts, we can find joy and meaning in life. Modern science, particularly quantum physics, reveals the subjectivity of reality, showing that our thoughts and beliefs can shape the world. This understanding empowers us to actively shape reality in ways that bring joy and improve the lives of others.

Tapping into the Power of Creation

The teachings of enlightened individuals like Jesus of Nazareth highlight the extraordinary potential within each of us. Belief and faith can shape reality, transcending physical constraints. Modern science acknowledges this influence, but fully accepting it requires overcoming societal conditioning and fear.

To embark on this journey, start small, observe tangible results, and practice gratitude. Positive thoughts and manifestations contribute to the well-being of all creation. Embrace the adventure of co-creation, recognizing that we are the architects of our reality. Let go of fear, embrace the limitless, and embark on a journey where belief becomes the foundation of existence.

In conclusion, being a Designer of Reality is about harnessing our creative power to shape a positive future for ourselves and the planet. It is a journey of joy, purpose, and collaboration, where we collectively create a world that reflects our highest aspirations and deepest values.


(Book / Interactive Course)

“Magic at the Edge of Creation” is another good subtitle for this story in a book about all of our life adventures.  Let us suggest that you are a dreamer weaving a tale of imagination as one of the players is a grand adventure game being played out on Planet Earth.  The goal of “Adventure of a Lifetime” is to open you up to an expanded sense of the wonder and possibility that fills our lives and often goes unappreciated.  As Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players”.  It is hoped that the stories in this book will plant seeds in your mind allowing you to dream a new and positively evolving reality into being. This book offers varied perspectives aimed at helping you become a better player in this game of life. We are each trying to live our best improvisational performance in our own unique “Adventure of a Lifetime”. 

This book is not so much about how to “react” to life, it encourages you to be “intentional” and become the writer and director of your story as well.  As George Bernard Shaw once said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.”  This is a book filled with insights for designing the life that brings you and those around you the most satisfaction and joy.  We each come into this life adventure with different starting points and as C. S. Lewis said, “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”.  May your life be filled with wonderful adventures, and may this book help you find the path to realizing your heart’s desires.

“Adventure of a Lifetime” draws on the stories of a wide-ranging group including David Bohm, Richard Bach, Dan Millman, Bob Marley, Hugh Hefner, Pam Grout, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Abraham, Isaac Asimov, Hank Wesselman and Hale Makua to weave a tale of adventure and wonder.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” – Albert Einstein

The Adventure of a Lifetime is ours to write. We are at a pivotal time in human history with the fate of humanity and the lifeforms we share the Earth with seemingly at risk. Using our heart’s desires as our compass, we can learn to intentionally shape the future of our dreams. Here lies our purpose: to set an example and find a satisfying path towards peace and happiness while we work to regenerate the stability of the biosphere with a new appreciation of our unity as one creative evolving planetary family. Guided by the wisdom of our hearts, we can trust our inspiration and unwavering determination to discover the route to this new world. We have the responsibility to write the new stories of humankind and our beautiful home world as we fly through infinite space. After all, we shall discover we are the Designers of Reality.

Course Title: Achieving Mastery and Joy Through Awareness, Transformation, and Practice

Course Overview

Amidst our quest for enlightenment, the relentless march of the Technology Age engulfs us, permeating every aspect of our lives. The proliferation of social conditioning and the ceaseless flow of information and opinions attempt to define our reality. However, as we delve deeper into our exploration, we unveil a fundamental truth: What we accept as true becomes our truth. We must recognize our inherent power, for we alone have the ability to shape our reality. We must reject the imposition of unwanted “realities” and understand that societal transformation often takes generations as new beliefs gradually replace the old, ushering in new storylines upon life’s grand stage. The reality we need to grasp is that we each possess the remarkable capacity to believe our own narratives into existence, molding our destinies with our own hands, even when it may seem improbable.

Guided by the wisdom of many of our stories, we embark upon a grand adventure—playing a pivotal role in propelling the physical world toward a new reality steeped in enlightenment and boundless joy. As the renowned Hawaiian spiritual leader Makua proclaimed, we stand at the dawn of a new age, where the responsibility for our personal evolution intertwines with the social and spiritual evolution of our world. This is no burden but a glorious quest of epic proportions—a quest that summons our innate creative power to shape a realm of beauty, personal fulfillment, and boundless love.

Allow me to present an analogy—a perspective that frames life as a magnificent adventure game, where you, the player, embody a courageous mission to wield your innate creativity in sculpting a world of ever-increasing splendor and love.

Course Structure as an Interactive Journey

Each lesson will begin with a teaching segment on the lesson focus, followed by a series of reflective questions that build on each other, encouraging deeper reflection and discussion. Students will be able to share their answers with peers to stimulate conversation and foster a collaborative learning environment.

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