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You Are The Designer of Reality

P&G’s Head & Shoulders Creates World’s First Recyclable Shampoo Bottle Made with Beach Plastic

Hair Care Industry First Creates Sustainable Business Model Advancing Circular Economy.  In Addition, ½ Billion Bottles of P&G Hair Care Products to be Made with Recycled Plastic Every Year. Thursday, January 19, 2017 10:00 am EST The Procter & Gamble Company today announced that Head & Shoulders (H&S), the world’s #1 shampoo brand, will produce the […]

Take the Pledge to #UnplasticthePlanet

The vision for the #UnplasticthePlanet campaign is to divert and remove 8 million tons of plastic waste from entering the world’s oceans by 2020.

Brought to you by: There are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic already in the ocean, with 300 million tons of new plastic used worldwide every year; very little of which gets recycled or reused and often ends up back in the ocean. There are now more microplastics in the ocean than there are stars […]

Are you going to help?

Changing the future is up to you.

There is no requirement for you to do anything. You can just live your life. If you are smart, you will not pay too much attention to the picture of “reality” coming in constantly from the Internet and all the other outlets describing the world for us. It is very important that you realize that […]

Malala Fund breaks down the barriers

Help the Malala Fund support education for girls around the world.

Malala Fund is working for a world where every girl can learn and lead. With more than 130 million girls out of school today, here’s how we’re breaking down barriers that hold girls back. Investing in local education activists Through our Gulmakai Network, we invest in local educators and advocates — the people who best […]

Everyday Can Be World Peace Day

MY HEART CONNECTS WITH ALL HEARTS IN LOVING COMPASSION. Loving my neighbor is the best thing I can do while one of the most difficult to achieve. In the midst of all that is occurring in the world, I remain open and receptive to the possibility of healing. Love is the only power and God […]

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