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You Are The Designer of Reality

Music Maker Relief Foundation

Music Maker Relief Foundation

FIGHTING TO PRESERVE THE MUSICAL TRADITIONS OF THE SOUTH. The Music Maker Relief Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit, was founded to preserve the musical traditions of the South by directly supporting the musicians who make it, ensuring their voices will not be silenced by poverty and time. Music Maker will give future generations access to their […]

A World Day of Prayer

It is the position of the Positivibes Network that consciousness creates reality.  When an idea/inspiration pops into your mind and is given power by the emotion of desire/wanting it becomes a prayer or request to ones God Self to fulfill.  There is no qualification of right or wrong, deserved or undeserved.  The request will always […]


I LIVE LIFE JOYOUSLY AND WITH ENTHUSIASM! What I give to life returns to me. I choose to give and live with joy in my heart, pursuing my passions and purpose. If I should feel anxious or overly concerned about the day ahead, I know I’m not giving it a chance to reveal the good […]

A world of peace begins in me!

A world of peace begins in me!

A world of peace begins in me! Everything that is happening in the world around us is an extension of what is happening inside each one of us. Our individual beliefs are part of the collective consciousness of our planet. My own thoughts and feelings create waves of energy that move outward from me. Others […]

Expectant Enthusiasm

Welcome. You are one of this world's Designers of Reality™ and we are eager to give you some ideas to help you develop your creative power.

Our intention is to plant seeds of a new awareness and provide guidance on how to develop your skills as an intentional Designer of Reality™.  We want to grow in our realization of our true identities as powerful, creative beings.  We need to accept that we are not here to suffer; we are supposed to […]

Just say Thanks!

Give Thanks

The door to a new world is now opening.  You don’t need to discard anything but some outworn beliefs.  There is almost certainly some baggage that will be better left behind.  You need worry about nothing and let just your heart be your guide.  Keep finding your way back to a path of fun and […]

The Designer of Reality at the Edge of Creation

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Our intent is to build a network of people who are promoting and believing in a more enlightened and joy filled future for the planet. As a part of that we will be celebrating the efforts of individuals who are taking direct action to improve the life experience of others.   Feel free to share The Edge of Creation Introduction that you can download from the link below.  


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