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Reality JAB Podcast

Your persistent beliefs make you the designer of your reality. Change the world with new beliefs.


Reality JAB - Series Introduction

by John A. Brodie | Season 1, Episode 1




Stories about the new world.  A world where the young at heart will take charge and transform the predominant view of how reality works.

Reality JAB - Episode 002 - The Formula

by John A. Brodie | Season 1, Episode 2

Reality JAB - Episode 003 - Who, How, Why?

by John A. Brodie | Season 1, Episode 3

Reality JAB - Episode 004 - Karuna Hum

by John A. Brodie | Season 1, Episode 4

About RealityJAB

This series of recordings is intended to help wake you up to your unlimited ability to align the world with whatever you desire.  The fulfilling of your desires for the life you want to live is very important to the positive evolution of life on this planet.  You must not get sucked into accepting things as they appear.  It is up to you to dream and believe the new world into being.  All things start first as an idea.

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Meet The Host

HOST:  John A. Brodie

I have always been selling something. That is actually what most of us do. Selling a product, a service, a benefit or an idea. I have always enjoyed the marketing and promotion of positive ideas and opportunities. For many years it an advertising sales role with Rock n’ Roll.  This came along because music has always been a primary love for me.  I managed to dream into being great jobs for myself working in National Radio broadcasting, first with NBC and then Westwood One. I was selling promotional time in programs with hundreds of thousands of listeners to major national brands like Anheuser-Busch and Coca Cola was both fun and rewarding.  Since those years in NYC I have developed and marketed a range of products and services including the successful Reggae Music site, Reggae.com.  Throughout the years, I have had the fun of providing promotional services to a variety of organisations from music and food festivals to educational products.  

Everything has always involved an interest in personal development and social enlightenment. I happen to believe that we are each have a 100% opportunity to shape what happens in our lives. Therefore if we can learn to re-program our beliefs we can change our world. This is where my website www.DesignerOfReality.com comes in. Download a free strategy eBook Designer of Reality Training Guidebook – Module One

There you will find the ideas I most want to sell for whatever time I have left in this current adventure in time space reality.

Please send your ideas, comments and questions (or anything else we might be able to respond to) that can contribute to a happier planet. 

email:  comments@positivibes.net