Thank You!

I am sending you a very heartfelt THANK YOU for all the PositiVibes you have shared with the world and to many of you, specifically for the part you have played in the adventure we are sharing together.  I encourage you to fear nothing, don’t worry about anything and stay on a path filled with appreciating and fun.  Anytime you are not enjoying yourself it is time to change the story.  It is up to us to “imagineer” and have faith in the reality of a more loving, satisfying, abundant and compassionate world.
I have recently finished my new book, The Edge of Creation, and since you are an important part of the story I would like you to have a copy to read.  We are at a transitional point in the story of our species.  The book tells this story with the intention of helping as many people as possible learn that they can control all that comes and goes from their personal reality.  If we each gain the skill to manifest our heartfelt hopes and dreams we will raise the happiness and satisfaction level for the entire planet.  Learning to allow all of our hopes, dreams and inspirations to manifest in our current physical time space reality is the reason we are here.  We got into this for fun and adventure.
For a donation of whatever amount you like you will get an immediate download of The Edge of Creation.  It is a guidebook with information drawn from many sources and stories that will hopefully provide insight and inspiration.  Please share the book with others to help assure that the message is more broadly dispersed and has a greater ability to help create a better future.  That is the point after all.  With a little luck the ideas in this book can be an antidote for some of the unwanted energy that is not helping make this a better world to live in.
Buy a copy of the Guidebook – you will get a .zip file with both an easy to read “epub” version for digital devices as well as a .pdf version with insights into better navigating your personal adventure at “The Edge of Creation”.

THANKS again!

Cheers and lots of Love! —
Fill every day with PositiVibes!
John A. Brodie