The Future Is Up To YOU


Our intent is to build a network of people who are promoting and believing in a more enlightened and joy filled future for the planet.  As a part of that we will be celebrating the efforts of individuals who are taking direct action to improve the life experience of others.

There is much more good in the world than so many people realize.  The all too pervasive media focus on tragic and unwanted events and attitudes is making many people anxious and afraid of the future.  Those fears energize a future that is clearly not what we want for the planet and our fellow creatures and species for which this is home.

Our mission is to counteract that negativity and the sense of hopelessness it can induce by offering information that inspires hope and positive expectations.

We really appreciate your help in spreading the positive news.  We look forward to you sharing your own stories with all of us.  Together we can create an ever more enjoyable future.  We want you to join us in telling stories that spread hope and inspire you and others to envision and believe in more enlightened futures for yourself and all existence.

The MOST important knowledge we hope to get you to believe in is that YOU are TOTALLY in control of your personal reality.  You have access to a direct connection to an infinite energy field allowing you to wield the full power of Creation.  You can move mountains but you must learn to trust your own ability.  It is not something you have to earn – it is who you are – you just need to wake up to the true extent of your power and embrace it.  You can only be a victim if you give in to your fears and lose faith in your personal power.  Whatever beliefs are predominant in your mind will design your day for you.  The reality of your future days will shift with what you DECIDE to believe.

The Future of the World Depends

On What YOU Decide It Is Going To Be.

The Designer of Reality at the Edge of Creation

The book “The Edge of Creation” is my story but it is also your story. Some of you have played significant parts in the adventures I am most aware of. Right now, this very moment, and now and now… this is the Edge of Creation. It is the only place anything actual happens in our time space perceived reality world. The central concept of this story is that we are each creating our own reality – everything about it – on a moment to moment basis. Each of our “unique” realities is the result entirely of our state of mind. Your “consciousness” is defining and “creating” everything about the physical world you perceive.

Most people believe that reality is something that happens to them. If you lack passion about the experiences that make up your day, you are left to simple experience the same scenes over and over again as they run in a loop in that bio-computer brain of yours. You get what you expect and simply go with the flow. There is nothing wrong with that except that it is not nearly as satisfying or as much fun as taking control of the story-line and moving in the direction of making a reality of all of your hopes and dreams. Those desires are actually your compass for the most satisfying plot development directions for your personal adventure. The vital information is that all of it is always totally up to you. Whether you realize it or not, your beliefs about life are writing the script and that little voice in your head is directing the action.

The book “The Edge of Creation” is about learning to start fully exercising your control of the production as the Executive Producer. You don’t need to learn how to intentionally design your day to day experience but you are totally capable of developing this skill. No matter what appears to be going on around you, you can create a path that fills your life with fun and love and helps raise the satisfaction and happiness level of everyone you come into contact with. You are a powerful creator and you really got into this game to develop your abilities. You are here for fun and adventure and to spread hope and love.

Now that the manuscript copy of “The Edge of Creation” is complete, I want to make it available to as many people as possible in the hope that it will help raise your happiness level and the PositiVibes of the planet. With a little luck it can be an antidote for some of the unwanted energy that is not helping make this a better world to live in.

I would be very pleased to share a copy with you. Just send an email to and request a copy. I will send you a password to download a copy of the book. Please feel free to share it with anyone you feel it might benefit (and, if you know any publishers, let me know).

The download page is:

Our intent is to assemble a network of like-minded people to do some intentional “imagineering” of improved realities for the planet. I think the prospect is both fun and exciting – together we could maybe really get that quantum leap in consciousness off the ground. Thank you for all your contributions to the story we are sharing on this lovely planet we are lucky to have as our home.

One Love,

John A. Brodie