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Receive Money to Pay Off Debts, Invest in a Project You Have Been Wanting to Do and Join With Us To Help Reduce World Poverty by Giving Cash to People in Need.

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I know people want everything in 10-second soundbytes but please read this if you have a chance. I believe it provides a very valuable opportunity.

    This is the tale of EMG Funding - an automated funding project.
  1. As you know, many organizations as well as individuals have been struggling, often through no fault of their own, to deal with the current social and economic conditions. As good fortune would have it, I have recently discovered a fundraising vehicle that can be applied to this situation.
  2. Here's the short story. You make a small contribution to the fundraising network and you will own a permanent income generating place. How you disburse your income will be up to you but my plan is to take 50% of it to help fund causes I am eager to support.
  3. Trying to simply state it, we will be leveraging new technology functioning with "smart contracts" for the distribution of the crypto currency Ethereum. This program, known as Forsage, was launched this past February and operates autonomously. It functions without any centralization in a cyber world of Blockchain Technology.
  4. What is that? A system in which a record of transactions made in cryptocurrency is maintained across several computers that are linked in a peer-to-peer network. The Ted Talks on this technology are a good place to learn more if you are interested. A great benefit of this project will be the knowledge you will gain concerning crypto currencies and the emerging monetary paradigms.
  5. How are we going to put this technology to use? Forsage has created a program for crowdfunding. There are two ways that you can build a return on this platform. Primarily this is a financial sharing program. You put $25 to $100 into the system for the purchase of your own cyberbot "smart contracts". They then automatically do what they were programmed for and distribute you invested cyber currency up into the network of contributors without any administration cost due to the full automation of the process. Your job is to get others to join you in this fundraising adventure.

REGISTER OR GET FURTHER INFORMATION - CLICK HERE. - If you have set up your crypto currency wallet you will be ready to begin (some instructions can be found below on this page). If you have concerns or questions, please send a note to me at and we will provide some easy to follow guidance.

John A. Brodie

The seed for this vision came when I came upon a book by Rutger Bregman. Utopia for Realists What does this book document? That the best way to cure poverty is to simply give people money with no strings attached.
Part One - I was recently introduced, by a long-time associate of mine, to a crowd funding program that was launched in February 2020. This program takes advantage of what is known as "Blockchain Technology" - you can Google it and find dozens of Ted Talks about its place in our financial future. This particular program, known as Forsage, utilzes "smart contracts" for crowd funding. A small investment can be multiplied many times over as people get paid referral fees to expand the network. The key is that this is a fully automated process requiring no administration - we'll explain more about this as we go along because this is what makes this such a safe and dynamic system.
Part Two came shortly after this introduction to automated crowd funding. That was the introduction to the ideas of Rutger Bregman and the work of I saw an opportunity to possibly help a lot of people, along with myself.
I have decided to take 50% of whatever money that comes into my cyber wallet in crypto currency and direct it to I now have a great reason to be enthusiastic about this project because while I will certainly experience some benefits personally, it will also allow me, and you and others, to make a very positive contribution to the world in a bigger way.
My intention is to make a fund raising organization that will create a network of people duplicating what I am doing. Therefore, instead of a game just to generate new income for me without a lot of effort or risk, this can become a project with a mission for the improvement of life on this planet. You can obviously do whatever you would like with your income from this project but we would like to encourage you to duplicate what we are doing so we can make a positive difference in our world.
That's the vision. If you have a small amount of money to invest in the project (less than $100), you can get in on the fun and have the chance to offer great new financial opportunity to yourself and others.

The first step will be to create your very own Crypto Wallet. This will be exclusively yours as a private cyber bank account that will allow you to work with crypto currencies. For this project we are using Ethereum. This is the second most popular crypto currency behind BitCoin. You can get started with this platform for currently less than $20 but I recommend that you purchase $100 worth of Ethereum to put in your wallet. Your deposit can be converted back to USD anytime you want but can be looked at as a small investment - the value of Ethereum (like BitCoin) is on an upward trend. Check the current price of Ethereum.
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REGISTER OR GET FURTHER INFORMATION - CLICK HERE. - If you have set up your crypto currency wallet you will be ready to begin and we will provide some easy to follow guidance.

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CLICK HERE TO REQUEST FURTHER INFORMATION - If you have set up your crypto currency wallet you will be already to begin and we will provide some easy to follow guidance.

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