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Using the GAME analogy makes it easier to accept the idea that Reality can be manipulated by your imagination. You will find that what you decide to believe will transform how reality presents itself to you. While the way you perceive the world may affect others it will be your unique experience. Everyone has their own path and must find their own way.

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The foundation concept for what we shall call The Gaia Game is the premise that we are each the author and director of our personal life experiences. As the playwright William Shakespeare famously said, All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts… While we are all continuously interacting with each other, everyone lives in their own unique reality and they believe it to be real. It is of course but the point is that it is not identical to anyone else's reality. Different things will be believed to be TRUE by different people. This is because everyone has created/imagined a unique world based on their individual life experiences. You come to believe certain things about yourself and the world that will be the "truth" for you until you change your mind about them. The key is the realization that everything depends on your choices and beliefs. Everything happens as you imagine and believe it to be.

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Why call it a game? Because anything goes and choice directs all of the action. The scoreboard is the feeling of satisfaction or lack of satisfaction experienced by your character. The problem with taking life too seriously is that your character will get all bummed out if it makes a blunder or think it is being punished by a challenge. With the game idea, you can approach things like an adventure where your objective is to find the best way to move in the direction you desire. There is no judgment.  

The key to being a successful Time Space Adventurer is to stop excepting appearances as reality. You are living in a waking dream and those appearances only represent the beliefs that have brought you to that moment. What you need to learn is that it is you who is writing the story and in any moment you can begin a new chapter. This is the plot of the Gaia Game and gaining intentional control of your personal reality is you objective as a Time Space Adventurer.  

Live Long & Prosper - it helps to be in balance.

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Reality can be manipulated by your imagination.

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