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Setting an Intention

What’s YOUR Vision of Future Reality?

As I begin my day I stretch a bit in bed and set an intention to live the moments ahead with joy and wonder as I focus only on those things that are pleasing to me.  Before any email or media exposure or even talking much with others I take some time to make an active connection with higher energy through some time for meditation.  Before moving into activity I spend a few minutes deciding what I want to happen in the day ahead. 

While there is much in the world that I do not find pleasing, I realize that everything that is happening is working together for the greater good in an inevitable flow of personal and cultural evolution.   I choose not to be upset by injustice and unrest but to recognize the transformative power at work in reshaping our culture in more positive ways.  I send out love and appreciation to all who may need encouragement.  With compassion I send blessings to those in pain by having faith in a vision of a more loving and joyful evolving world coming into being for all us.

Personally I look to do my part by how I live each day.  I will not give in to anxiety or despair but will remain firm in my belief in the positive evolution of the society I am a part of.  I know that some struggle and challenge is essential to inspire change.  It is by seeking inspiration from problems that we discover new and improved ways of living and move toward greater well-being for all.  We have an unlimited Source that will allow us to manifest all that we are willing to believe we deserve and accept through our joy and appreciation.

I am going forth in my day with anticipation for the magic that this day can hold for me.  I shall pay attention and live in the moment so that I do not miss clues and guidance by being lost in the past or dwelling on projections of a future that has not happened yet.  I realize that it is not my past that will determine my future, it is what I do and think right now.  This moment is my point of power and I will strive to run with it filled with hope and positive expectation. 

Here are the things I am seeking support, guidance and inspiration to make happen it this magical day…  Thanks in advance! 

This is some of my prayer for my day ahead… what’s yours?

Sending you PositiVibes🌝
John A. Brodie


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