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From Experience through Reflection to Transformation

This is my personal journey from my early years. After the first chapter, this story begins with me living as a long term unemployed single parent with two children with different fathers, never being married. I was definitely on the bottom rung of society. I lived in the highest unemployed town in the UK with the demise of its Iron and Steel, Chemical and Shipbuilding industries, thus experiencing years of poverty and ostracisation. This is the story of how, supported by a strong Christian faith, I deeply analysed and  navigated my way through it all, to an absolutely fulfilling life.

In the light of what’s happening in this chaotic world today, I feel moved to tell my story with all its different facets, because my main hope is that the reader will see the human face of the marginalised. Then, hopefully, gain a more compassionate understanding of all those who live on the margins of society. I hope the reader finds clues on how to make connections with people different from them, or to change the top down competitive economic system so all people are justly valued whether they were in paid work or out of paid work.

I invite the reader to pick any chapter and,  if it resonates with you, to organise a zoom working group in the New Republic of the Heart community to discuss and explore any particular issue or let it inform the work you are already doing. 

I acknowledge that every single one of us has our own unique experience from our own unique perspective waiting to be heard and learned from. This is simply my experience. I’d love to maybe one day hear and learn from yours.  

Linda Granville

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Born in 1946 in the north east of England to a working class family she had recurring dreams until she was 19, always accompanied by a loving figure she called “My Friend.”  Her father worked in the steel mills and fought with the Labor Unions in a time when women stayed at home and men worked hard to support their family. He died 6 weeks before age 65 which meant her mother only drew ½ a week’s widow’s pension. The only female sibling among three brothers, surviving in a patriarchal world, she grew up and through her strong Christian faith, created an “absolutely fulfilling life.”


by Linda Granville | JOURNEY INTO ACTIVISM


by Linda Granville | JOURNEY INTO ACTIVISM


by Linda Granville | JOURNEY INTO ACTIVISM

Just before the ship departed the quayside leaving Southampton and trying to get a glimpse of Mam waving goodbye above the crowds, I took myself onto the empty upper boat deck and found myself utterly alone. I suddenly realised that I was leaving the whole of my past behind and my future was completely unknown. This was the first time in my life when I was fully aware of experiencing the ‘Present Moment.’ I resolved to continue on this present moment journey armed with a pocket size New Testament (Gideon) Bible with the question, “What would Jesus do?”  

– Linda Granville

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