SelfView™, the most advanced mental health assessment available. SelfView™ was developed over five years using National Institute of Health funding. SelfView™ uses AI technology to customize questions based on your unique feelings and experiences and has been validated through rigorous clinical testing.

Do you know that hidden mental health issues can harm your relationships and seriously damage your long-term health? 

Maybe you could just be a lot happier if you knew about and could work on a possible problem.  Take the SelfView test and get a personalized and confidential report on your emotional wellness in minutes.  CLICK HERE –>

– SelfView is more than just a quiz. It’s a scientifically validated and AI-powered assessment that can diagnose 24 common mental health conditions. For only $25 or less, you can get an accurate and comprehensive insight into your emotional well-being.

– Your mental health matters. That’s why we created SelfView, a fast and easy way to check your emotional wellness and get professional guidance. For a limited time, you can take the SelfView test for only $25 or less and get a confidential and detailed report on your mental health status.

 By not taking the SelfView assessment, someone would miss out on:

 – A chance to understand their own emotions, thoughts, and feelings better and identify any potential mental health issues that may be affecting their quality of life.

– A opportunity to get professional and personalized guidance on how to improve their emotional wellness and cope with any challenges they may be facing.

– A way to monitor their progress and see how their mental health changes over time and in response to different situations or treatments.

– A tool to communicate their emotional needs and preferences to others, such as family, friends, or health care providers, and get the support they deserve.

– A benefit to their overall health and well-being, as mental health is closely linked to physical health, social relationships, and personal happiness. 

The SelfView assessment can be of great value to society in general because: 

– It can help raise awareness and reduce stigma about mental health issues, which are very common and affect millions of people around the world.

– It can enable early detection and intervention of mental health problems, which can prevent them from worsening or leading to more serious consequences, such as suicide, substance abuse, or violence.

– It can improve access and affordability of mental health care, especially for people who may not have the resources or opportunities to seek professional help or who may face barriers such as language, culture, or geography.

– It can enhance the quality and effectiveness of mental health care, by providing accurate and comprehensive information to health care providers and patients, and by facilitating communication and collaboration among them.

– It can foster a culture of emotional wellness and resilience, by encouraging people to take care of their mental health and to support each other in times of need.