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Month: August 2018

A world of peace begins in me!

A world of peace begins in me!

A world of peace begins in me! Everything that is happening in the world around us is an extension of what is happening inside each one of us. Our individual beliefs are part of the collective consciousness of our planet. My own thoughts and feelings create waves of energy that […]

Expectant Enthusiasm

Welcome. You are one of this world's Designers of Reality™ and we are eager to give you some ideas to help you develop your creative power.

Our intention is to plant seeds of a new awareness and provide guidance on how to develop your skills as an intentional Designer of Reality™.  We want to grow in our realization of our true identities as powerful, creative beings.  We need to accept that we are not here to […]

Just say Thanks!

Give Thanks

The door to a new world is now opening.  You don’t need to discard anything but some outworn beliefs.  There is almost certainly some baggage that will be better left behind.  You need worry about nothing and let just your heart be your guide.  Keep finding your way back to […]

Fear Not!

Breakfast in paradise - Thank You

The truth is, if we can learn to let go of our perceived limitations.  Our challenge is that we just don’t believe it.  For our rational human brains, it is very difficult and even scary to accept that “thinking makes it so.”  Because thinking makes it so, it is clear […]

A Summary of Who You Really Are

Remember that we have already established the idea that REALITY is subjective.  It should be clear to you that while Your Reality is the REAL one for you, not everyone is watching the same movie – their reality may be quite different from yours and they are just as sure […]

The ScentsAbility Story

Jessica is a thirty-something young adult with developmental disabilities that keep her perpetually a little kid in heart and mind.  As delightful and filled with love as Jessica is, the drawback is that she requires someone by her side almost all the time.  However, she, like other individuals with special […]

Gateway to a New and Improved Life

Gateway Community Outreach helps families recover from hard times

Carol A. Ray (CEO and President) founded Gateway Community Outreach (GCO) in April 1995 to address the needs of the hungry and homelessness in the community.  Carol also understands that it is about providing a hand up and not a hand out that can deliver a long term solution.  The […]

Imagine and Realize

Technology is a distinctive channel for the evolution of consciousness.  An idea is initially formed in the imagination of one or more individuals and then that idea is developed in detail until it has become part of the collective consciousness which makes it “real”.  Those ideas can be seeds that […]