Remember that we have already established the idea that REALITY is subjective.  It should be clear to you that while Your Reality is the REAL one for you, not everyone is watching the same movie – their reality may be quite different from yours and they are just as sure that their Reality is the REAL one.  Once you KNOW that your perspective on Reality can be shifted and that a different set of parameters can be just as “REAL”, then you can never go back to thinking that reality is some fixed REAL thing separate from your perception of it.  That is a significant step toward “enlightenment”.

This gets to the challenge in the process which we have already been alluding to.  In the model of Reality we are postulating, (your name here) is the avatar central character in your own personal adventure but you actually have three selves.  For Christians it would be thought of as the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.  For Hindu’s it would be Sat, Chit, Ananda – Existence (physical), Consciousness and Bliss (all encompassing unbounded energy field) – the three states of awareness.

  • #1 – Sat/The Son (your creation) – EGO Avatar self who most people think they are, (your name here) – we have also referred to this as your basic operating system since you function like one computer on an infinite network.  This part of you is the default auto pilot for your avatar.  Like an electronic computer it can only make decisions and see the world based on the information it has been programmed with through observation and recording of experience.  All of its reasoning is “experience” and “object” based.  It can only predict not create.
  • #2 – Chit/The Father – this is the seat of consciousness in avatar you – a very powerful internal control processor and communications link to the network. It is your conscious inner being that connects your avatar physical self to your higher “Soul” self.  This is the “You” that can be inspired with new ideas and approaches based on its access to the “cloud network” of your higher or Soul Self – that non-physical energy part of you that is infinite and immortal in nature.  This part of you is also responsible for the re-programming of your basic operating system to extend its capabilities.
  • #3 – Ananda/The Holy Ghost – We can think of your higher self as a ghost presence because it can be communicated with and experienced but cannot be seen because it is non-physical in nature. This is your Soul Self that is an energy being of infinite potential and all knowing – a part of the unified field of all possibility (which is often referred to as God) – this part of you has direct access to everything that is – ALL of Creation!  Based on the Karmic Law of Attraction it will deliver to you whatever you request as long as you allow it through your faith in your own creative powers.

Fulfilling your “mission” and potential in the Creative process depends on learning to integrate the functioning of the three selves.  I suspect most all of you after considering the ideas we have been discussing will agree that operating just from the ego’s vantage point (default setting for the bio-computer brain) is quite limiting and not the most satisfying way to live.  Why not try and have more fun right?  The only real measure of “success” is your level of happiness.  Money is commonly equated with success and there is no denying that having the resources to do whatever you would like is very helpful to having fun but having a lot of money does not equate automatically to happiness.  If the result isn’t personal satisfaction and happiness, then whatever IT is can’t be the answer.  Real happiness comes when you are living toward your full potential.  Not when you have achieved something – it is the journey – the adventure – that brings the satisfaction.  Also, as we have already mentioned, there is not an end until you decide to terminate this particular adventure lifetime (yes, it is your choice even if the exact circumstances are not specifically selected).  As your horizons expand toward the life experience you have envisioned, your wants will continue to expand.  You will always be setting the bar higher until you feel you have accomplished enough or are tired of playing the game.  But, we are getting a little ahead of ourselves possibly – you may feel you are nowhere near achieving the life you want – a time to set higher objectives may seem far off.  What can I do from where I am?

The first step is to figure out how you can start enjoying yourself from right where you are.  Forget about the idea that if only you had “whatever”, you could start having fun.  You are never going to get everything you want because there will always be something new to want, to do and to achieve.  We have talked quite a bit about faith and believing in getting what you want.  If you are thinking that you could be happy if only whatever then IF ONLY is what is stopping you.  As we mentioned previously, if you had absolutely no doubt that you were going to get whatever you want, you would be happy about it already.  Being completely confident that you are going to have something delivers the same satisfaction as when you hold it in your hand.  If you still feel that you need whatever BEFORE you can be happy is only because you lack faith in the fact that you are going to have what you seek.  All the doubts come from that ego part of you.  Ego does not want you to set yourself up to be disappointed or embarrassed – what if you believed in the outcome you wanted and it didn’t happen?  if you are not willing to believe in the outcome you want, you will never achieve it.  Even if all the odds are in your favor, you will find a way to fail.

Why does this happen?  It happens for the same reason that you cannot fail if you really believe with certainty in the outcome you want.  The Law of Karma and The Law of Attraction (same thing, different name) are never failing as consciousness shapes all of Creation in dynamic and ever changing now moments.  Whichever way you believe will generate a vibration in harmony with that belief that will be beamed out into the Universe and attract everything needed to turn that vibration into a material time space reality of the same vibration.  Your BIG Soul Self is like Aladdin’s genie – your wish is its command.  Your Soul Self is ready willing and able to provide inspiration and anything else you ask for.  That higher self also tries to help you stay on a path to developing your potential through what we have discussed as an emotional guidance system (EGS – like the GPS device in a car or smart phone but it offers guidance through how you “feel” about things).  If you are feeling depressed, you can be sure you are traveling in the wrong direction and your mental dialogue will be attracting stuff you don’t want.  For every “want” there is an “un-wanted”.  Here in lies the biggest challenge that you have:  your ego self deals only with what is – therefore if you currently don’t have enough money or enough health or enough love in your life, the vibration you are beaming out is very possibly one of “not enough”.   It isn’t what you actually want but it is the vibration you are generating.  Since your Source Self can only send you what you “ask for”, it must send you “not enough” because that is the vibration you are sending out.

This is why you MUST learn to take control away from your ego or you will be forever stuck with “more of the same”.  We should emphasize again that while some Spiritual traditions will say the ego is BAD, we are not saying that at all.  Your ego is doing exactly what it was put in place to do – help assure your survival.  It was designed to be useful for our caveman ancestors but we have come a long way since then.  Like evolving computer technology, the capabilities and options have become much more complex and sophisticated.  You just need to learn to override the basic system commands and superimpose higher level operating commands.  We can CHOOSE to be happy in the firm belief that we have the ability to Create through our Soul Self.  It is also about staying in the moment where infinite possibilities always exist.  This is why Buddhism talks about giving up “attachment” to things and results.  Since all of Reality is ephemeral manifestations of energy and vibration, any attachment or “clinging” to the reality of one moment is putting a limit on the limitless.  If you stop worrying about what might happen and trust your EGS to keep guiding you to the right course corrections in your thinking, everything will fall easily in place.  This is the heart of our creative power – if our adventuring self can imagine something, we have the ability to channel the information and energy needed to create it.

Think about it.  There is nothing our species has created that did not first start as an idea, an idea that had not yet been manifested.  From as far back as the spear and the wheel, someone got the idea for a way to do something in a new and better way and then quite soon it became common place and everyone was using the idea – it had become a well established part of reality.  Then someone would come up with an idea for improving it and REALITY would be transformed again.  It would have been a very rare individual who would have thought we would be flying from country to country in big machines and beginning to actually travel out into space beyond our planet’s atmosphere if you went back a couple of hundred years.  While every generation thinks it pretty much knows the extent of possibility, two hundred years from today we can be certain that there will be things very few of us could even conceive of today.  It is very probable that our creative abilities are as unlimited as the Universe is extensive.  We just need to believe in an idea’s reality to make it so.

How do we do that?  That is the basis of all Spiritual teachings from the beginning of our time in these creative adventures.  God (or Source if you like that better) created the basic game grid – the playing field but a field is much more interesting with some players.  First there were very rudimentary creatures that began to shape the environment.  Plants are a good example.  They provided a means to filter the air and make it a sustaining mix of gases for other creatures to use.  Eventually physical form evolved to a point where there was a species that had the ability to directly channel Source energy and manipulate it as opposed to just being sustained by it.  That’s us and we have shown great aptitude for coming up with new ideas and creations although we certainly make plenty of mistakes in the process.  This is mostly because our basic operating system (ego) still continues to muck up the works being the perpetual doubter of getting what we want.  The natural question would seem to be then, why does our higher Source Self continue to let our little self egos continue to hold us back?  The reason seems to be that without the obstacles imagined by our egos, we would become complacent.  Without a “problem” to overcome, the accomplishment would hold far less satisfaction.  It is dissatisfaction in fact that drives creativity – ego is really “the pebble in our shoe” that helps remind us of our purpose.  Like an athlete training to run a faster mile, we move toward what we want with discipline and the determination to transcend our basic programming on a regular basis.

If you are still with us on this path, you probably know or have realized that the challenge is to either ignore the constant commentary from the ego going on in your head or get it to accept a new perspective as real.  You have a guarantee that if you can master ego management, it will mean that you have more fun, help others – quite possibly many others have a lot more fun – and contribute to making the generally accepted Real world a better and more enjoyable place.  We – you and I are at the cutting edge of creation.  Everything we do will affect all that is to follow us and many believe we are here at a key moment in the evolutionary history – a time when we may take part in a quantum leap in a major evolution of consciousness for the species.  That may all be just another example of us thinking we are the center of the Universe but who cares – believe what you want to believe – enough belief can move mountains.  Traveling on this path is sure to be exciting and filled with fun.  Never forget that a basic premise of the system is that if it can be dreamed up in consciousness it can be manifested in Reality.