Our intention is to plant seeds of a new awareness and provide guidance on how to develop your skills as an intentional Designer of Reality™.  We want to grow in our realization of our true identities as powerful, creative beings.  We need to accept that we are not here to suffer; we are supposed to be having a good time while learning to create a future that fulfils our ever-expanding list of hopes and dreams.

We want to encourage you and others to accept the opportunity to be the designer and creator of your own personal reality.  Most importantly, we must learn not to get caught in the trap of playing the victim.  A victim just reacts to things that happen in the adventure game and thus will tend to expect the worst.  It is easy to fall prey to the victim trap because it is kind of a default setting for each of us.  Being a creator consistently takes discipline, and the purpose of this book (The Edge of Creation) is to provide some processes and ways of looking at things that will be useful to you in exercising more control.  You really can be fully in control of how each of your days will develop, and it is not about “doing” a lot to get it right.  There is more “not doing” than “doing” involved.