The most important belief for you to come to grips with is that none of your life events or circumstances happen to you – you directly cause them to happen, desirable or undesirable – ALL OF IT. You conjure up your life circumstances by what you choose to say, think and believe.

While most people spend their lives just reacting to what appears to be going on around them, everyone actually has the power of creation available to them. That is the opportunity you have. It’s not a requirement but you are totally capable of learning and mastering the skills involved. If you ever wondered what life – existence – was all about, it is about learning how to be more and more proficient at making the things you are inspired to desire manifest into your physical reality. In so doing you will raise the level of love, joy, abundance and wellbeing in the entire physical world.

The Bible says it – YOU were created in God’s image. You are a Creator even though you may think that is a presumptuous statement or requires some limitation of scope. However, probably most everything you have learned so far about life is about learning to get good at handling the curves life throws at you. You have been taught to “deal” with things and situations over which you believe you have little control. You need to recognize that it is your words and thoughts that are running the show.

The world you are dreaming up is all yours. Your reality while it overlaps with the realities of others is totally unique and as independent from everybody else as you choose. Lots of people – most people think they are just supporting cast members in a drama much bigger than themselves. This is because that is how they were trained to think – how most all of us were brought up to think. Why? The main reason is usually that other people want to control you. They are living in a reality of limitation and seek control over others because they believe only the strong survive and that money and power are the scoreboard of success. If you believe in limitation then you seek to dominate others so that you can get yours. It is a world of winners and losers. In our story we know that everyone can be a winner.