We send our children off to school with the hope and expectation that their teachers and the programs taught will help them develop their full potential but a re-design and a re-boot of the education system may well be needed if we are to give them the most productive learning programs.

At TEDxTucson, Dr George Land revealed the very interesting results of a creativity test developed for NASA that was use to test school children. What they discovered clearly points to a need for us to re-think education.

NASA had contacted Dr George Land and Beth Jarman to develop a highly specialized test to effectively measure the creative potential of NASA’s scientists and engineers. The tests were very successful for NASA’s pruposes but raised some challenging questions. Where does creativity come from? Is it something you learn or are born with?

The scientists eager to learn more, gave the test to 1,600 children ages 4 and 5. You will find what they discovered very enlightening.

This TED talk video tells the their story.

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