I am an unlimited spiritual being inhabiting a physical form.  I inhabit this physical form to contribute to the ongoing creation and shaping of the reality we all share.  I came forth into this life adventure to learn and play and contribute.  I am guided in what I do by always seeking feelings of love and joy.  I strive to maintain the playful spirit of a child with no fears or preconceived ideas.  I move through my day seeing it freshly, moment by moment, on the lookout for things that bring a smile to my face and a warm glow to my heart.  My heart and mind work together to decide how I should shape my life adventure.  I understand that the only limitations that exist to having and being everything I desire only come from my lack of belief in my true nature as a powerful shaper of reality.  In this moment, I say YES to allowing all of creation to work in and through me to manifest all of my hopes and dreams.  There is nothing that I can want with my mind and heart that can be kept from me if I simply say yes to it and expectantly and thankfully accept it as the way my life must be.

As I transform my life by defining in my mind and heart my intentions and designing the life I will live, by combining the reality shaping energy I am continuously radiating with other like minded individuals, together we increase our power to affect the world around us.  Reality is nothing more than the manifestation of shared beliefs.  As we build a vision of a community of abundance and love filled days, more and more people are drawn to the power of our energy.  We joyfully accept our role as creators of a more abundant, loving and joy filled world.  I allow all of my gifts and talents to blossom so that they can be put to use in service of this positive transformation of reality.  As a transformational community we combine our energy, hopes and dreams to manifest this glorious vision in greater detail and scope in every moment.

I am filled with thanksgiving for this opportunity and for this wonder filled adventure we are sharing.  Namaste.

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The PositiVibes Network for the Designer of Reality Effort to positively enhance future life experience.

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The Adventure

Our intent is to build a network of people who are promoting and believing in a more enlightened and joy filled future for the planet based on living compassionately with kindness to all.   


Please join us.

Together we can bring together a group of people to promote and believe in a more enlightened future for the planet. We will shift the habit of thinking in terms of problems to a focus on a path of hope and optimism. We will encourage replacing anxiety with appreciation - replacing fear with faith and confidence in our ability to create positive solutions to each challenge we discover. We will keep you advised.

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