As communication technology has advanced and we have allowed ourselves to become submerged in a digital world, our personal interactions with others have become secondary in many of our relationships.  For this reason the concept that we are living in a reality TV show or a virtual reality video game has become an increasingly accurate depiction of contemporary life in our socially and technology advanced societies.  The lines between what is “real” in our time space reality and what is the reality created by a small number of people often determined to influence mass consciousness is often difficult to define.

It has become growing clear that “reality” is a result of consciousness and not some fixed thing that we observe.  In the book, You Are the Universe: Discovering Your Cosmic Self and Why It Matters by Deepak Chopra and Menas C. Kafatos the concept is explained in detail.  This means that beliefs determine the reality of the world for each individual and whatever become the predominant beliefs in a society will become the generally accepted REAL Reality.

“Fake News” becomes real news if enough people accept it as truth.  There was an enlightening program on NPR’s Science Friday show recently (LINK) called, The Reality-Distorting Tools Of  The Future.  The story tracked the increasing ease of altering audio and video in ways to totally transform the “reality” of a given situation very realistically.  As the story pointed out, “seeing is believing” used to be a very valid way of creating a worldview but that is not the case anymore.  With sophisticated computer programs readily available to most anyone, altering reality is easy.

Here at DOR (Designer of Reality™) we have long tried to discouraged people from spending too much time with our “News Media” as the view of the world continuously has become increasingly full of distortions and individual opinions that do not represent the “reality” most of us want to believe in.  That “want” to believe in is extremely important if you are willing to accept that what people believe actually defines reality.   This of course does not mean that the Chinese company iFlyTek produced audio of President Donald Trump speaking Mandarin actually happened but because of our immersion in the digital world, if it is disseminated widely enough and often enough and presented as real, eventually most people will believe it is real.  At that point, as far as how we perceive and deal with our world, it makes no difference that it was “fake” because it has been believed into being truth.

What we hear and see on the “News”, as full of distortions as it is, generally presents reasonable snapshots of parts of reality.  Unfortunately that does not diminish the danger that it poses to our wellbeing.  “No news is good news”.  Why is this a sadly accurate statement?  Because, the news media is nearly totally focused on BAD news.  The world they present us with is a dangerous and cruel place.  Death, destruction, hunger and unhappiness fill the airwaves and digital channels all day and night.  Many people become obsessed with following the news particularly when tragedy strikes.  Since we have become so accepting of the information flow that surrounds us, it is a wonder more people do not sink into a sea of despair and either withdraw from the world or strike out against it.  Our “entertainment” industry and cyber world from video games to movies to trillions of words of fan fiction, tumblers and snapchats fills the environment with stories imagined that can all too easily begin to be believed in as the “way things are.”

Therefore the note of caution is try and ween yourself from a regular diet of “news” – it is sure to give you a case of Spiritual indigestion and very likely an anxiety attack.

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