DESIRE is your Creative Compass…

BUT, staying on the path takes discipline and determination.

Your work is to BELIEVE in the REALITY of what you desire.

The GAIA Game: Preface

In case you are not aware of it, YOU are the Designer of Your Own Personal Reality. You are here in this life adventure to build your skill at getting what you want for your reality. Join us at

Let’s start with the premise that we are each designing our personal life experiences. Everyone lives in their own unique reality – or world that they believe to be real. This is because everyone has created/imagined a unique world based on their individual life experiences. You come to believe certain things about yourself and the world that will be the “truth” for you until you change your mind about them. The key is the realization that everything depends on your choices and beliefs. Everything happens as you imagine and believe it to be.

Most people take all that is going on way too seriously. You are here for FUN and ADVENTURE. You are actually involved in a cosmic game of Creation. It is a role playing game and you design the character that you play in each lifetime. Of course most of the time you do not remember any of the many other characters you have played so you have to pay attention and learn how to take advantage of the opportunities that come with each lifetime. You cannot do anything wrong because trial and error is the most common method of improving in any learning game. You will crawl, walk and then run – building your skill each time you get up from a fall. The only scoreboard along the way is your level of enjoyment and personal satisfaction. By letting your heart guide you to your greater good, you will never stray far from a path of increasing Creative power and amusement.

This is The GAIA Game. An adventure in living and designing a unique reality for your character here on planet Earth.

We have a guidebook for the game. You don’t need it to be a great player because as we said, you can’t do anything wrong anyway. However, the GUIDEBOOK will assist you in becoming more INTENTIONAL about what you do and what you make happen. Each of us are always designing our own reality by what we believe and think. The key to personal power is the realization that changing your mind is all that is needed to change your world. This is an adventure in the evolution of consciousness. This journey will help you shift your perception of reality as you discover more about your true nature. I can assure you that you are here at this point in the ongoing saga of the human species because you have an important role to play in fine-tuning our future path. That may seem to be placing a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, but accepting this role is optional. If you choose, you can simply continue your life as you have been doing, but you may find being part of the adventure at hand will be much more fun and satisfying.

The fact that you are the designer of your own personal adventure story is probably the most challenging concept you will need to learn to accept.

Your Part

You are a star player in a very complex interactive reality game involved in designing the future of a planet.

Everyone is a player in this game but most people go through their life on auto-pilot with little awareness of how things work in the game world and the fact that they can have a powerful impact on every aspect of the adventure.

But this is the story of YOU, a seeker discovering your true power as a shaper and manipulator of Reality.  As your personal skills and accomplishments grow, your energy transforms the world around you in ever more positive ways.

Here is game fact #1:  Everyone is totally responsible for everything that happens in their life adventure.  Everyone is a Designer of Reality.  You are designing your world either by INTENTION, by default or a combination of the two.  For most it is a combination.  We want you to learn to become ever more intentional in your design work.

Scenario of the Game

When you popped into your role as a newborn, you came with a basic operating system programmed to help you survive.  The most common name for your basic operating system is EGO.  Your “ego” believes it is you and that it is the only thing that can keep you alive.  Survival is its prime directive.  From the moment you are born it starts collecting and analyzing and cataloging billions upon billions of pieces of data – each of us are blessed with a very powerful “bio-computer” far superior to any existing electronic versions – it has some good reasons to be very impressed with itself.  Every word you have ever heard, every image you have ever seen, etcetera is stored in that bio-computer brain of yours.  Because it has stored and evaluated so much data, and has been mostly responsible for creating the character called, “your name here”.  Therefore, it feels it is very reasonable that it considers itself to be YOU and it believes it should control all of your actions and decisions based on probable outcomes derived from past experience.

With most things like running your body and many day to day management functions, your basic operating system ego generally does a fine job.  The problem is that the ego has no ability to sift out erroneous data.  Like your trusty personal computer, if bad data gets entered into the system the computer has no way of knowing it is bad data and it will be acted upon as “truth”.  Also your bio-computer’s basic operating system has no ability to come up with a single original thought.  It totally accepts and acts on all incoming data and treats it as “fact” unless you consciously take control.  If a nasty Aunt told you when you were four years old that you were unpleasant and would not amount to much in life, that data is going to be running as a subroutine in your bio computer brain and shaping your ego’s beliefs about your life.  This is why so many people believe in limitations on their abilities and believe they are unworthy or have serious personal shortcomings.  As important as your basic operating system is with all of the data it has collected, it must not be allowed to control you without strict supervision.  If you don’t “consciously” take control, your ego self will be very pleased to run the show.  Playing the game on “autopilot” will usually keep you out of trouble but it will prevent you from getting anywhere close to your potential at being the star in the game you have chosen to play.


This is The GAIA Game and you are here to become a Master at playing this game.