Listen to the Music is our fourth Songs Around The World album and showcases 12 new classic songs, all recorded live outside with a mobile recording studio in 25 countries. The album features performances from over 200 musicians including The Doobie Brothers, Buddy Guy, Warren Haynes, Dr. John, Tom Morello, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and more. *This album is audio only and does not include the videos.

Available Now!

Album released on April 20th, 2018, with one new video from the series dropping every month!

100% of Playing For Change’s profits from this album will go to the Playing For Change Foundation, helping to support music education
across the globe. Listen to the music; change the world!


The first single released from the album, “Skin Deep” featuring Buddy Guy and Tom Morello, is available now (audio digital download).

The second single released from the album, “Everlasting Arms” featuring Luke Winslow-King, Vasti Jackson, Dr. John, and the Roots Gospel Voices of Mississippi, is available now (audio digital download). 



Album Tracklisting

1- LISTEN TO THE MUSIC featuring The Doobie Brothers & Ellis Hall
2- EVERLASTING ARMS featuring Luke Winslow-King, Vasti Jackson, & Dr. John
3- ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER featuring John Cruz, Warren Haynes, Cyril Neville, & Ivan Neville
4- NATURAL MYSTIC/JUST A LITTLE BIT featuring Paula Fuga, Jack Johnson, & Afro Fiesta
5- SKIN DEEP featuring Buddy Guy
6- CHAN CHAN featuring Teté Garcia Catulra, Pancho Amat, & Mamadou Diabaté
7- AFRICA MOKILI MOBIMBA featuring Preservation Hall Jazz Band & TPOK Jazz Band
8- AHOULAGUINE AKALINE featuring Bombino & Lee Oskar
9- RASTA CHILDREN featuring Paulo Da Luz & Blue King Brown
10- CONGO TO THE MISSISSIPPI featuring Afro Fiesta, Grandpa Elliott, Vasti Jackson, & Leon Mobley
11- BRING IT ON HOME TO ME featuring Roger Ridley, Alice Tan Ridley, & Grandpa Elliott
12- RIPPLE featuring Jimmy Buffett, David Crosby, & David Hidalgo

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