You can immediately improve any day by starting or pausing during the day for some appreciation.

Taking the time to giving thanks for the things you currently appreciate about your life will immediately energize and give power to those parts of your life you want to encourage.  Worrying about anything is the opposite of appreciation and therefore can only deliver unwanted results.  Wherever you focus your energy – be it on the negative and unwanted or the positive and wanted – that will be the result that you are inviting into your life.

You are always in control.  It is always your choice as to what you are going to believe in.  You can get stuck with your problems or believe that “EVERYTHING ALWAYS WORKS OUT FOR ME.”  That choice will determine your future.  There is no judgement involved and you can not be unworthy of what you seek except as you decree it.  Your essence is unlimited in its creative power and is timeless.  The path to learning how to shape reality to be in line with your hopes and dreams is what guides the story line of your personal adventure.

You are here to have fun in this adventure life you have selected.  This is why we say the your emotions are your compass.  Always strive to move toward what makes you feel appreciative.  Anytime you are feeling uneasy or distressed about anything, change the channel – turn your attention to something you really love about your life.  When you consistently follow this direction you can be assured that EVERYTHING will always work out in your favor and you will be a true blessing to the world around you.  Your Love, Light and Joy will raise the consciousness and happiness for all of Creation.