That’s right, YOU are God.  You may have had people telling you all your life that God was some divine force that you were to look up to, pray to and possibly believe was going to punish you for wrongdoing.  That is all incorrect. You are the Creator and the master of the Universe.  Everything in your world is springing forth from your consciousness.  You imagine something and if you decide to believe in it you will make it so.  Now before you get too carried away with the fact that you can wield the infinite power of Creation we need to let you know that it is not as easily said as done.  Also, we want to let you know you are no better than anyone else because they are all God too.

The first thing you are probably saying to yourself is that if this is true, there are a great many people out there who are really doing a poor job.  They are actually all just fine the way they are – they just have no idea about who they really are.  They may not realize they have any power at all to determine the events of their life.  Most people believe they just have to do their best to survive a world they have little if any control over and make the best of it.  Some people even believe they are better than “others” and need to get the upper hand on them to succeed.  In truth it makes little difference what anyone else does or thinks as far as you are concerned.  You are totally on your own and can ally yourself with others becoming aware of their creative powers or allow negative voices to bring you down.

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