What I give to life returns to me. I choose to give and live with joy in my heart, pursuing my passions and purpose.

If I should feel anxious or overly concerned about the day ahead, I know I’m not giving it a chance to reveal the good that is in store for me. I set an intention to start my day with positive thoughts, words, and practices.

I can begin with a quiet time of prayer or listen to soothing music. I can repeat a meaningful affirmation. I can look in the mirror and smile. These activities establish positive expectations in my mind and heart.

I dedicate myself to this day with joy in my heart and laughter on my lips—enthusiastic to begin each new venture.

Whatever your task, put yourselves into it.—Colossians 3:23
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The PositiVibes Network for the Designer of Reality Effort to positively enhance future life experience.

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The Adventure

Our intent is to build a network of people who are promoting and believing in a more enlightened and joy filled future for the planet based on living compassionately with kindness to all.   


Please join us.

Together we can bring together a group of people to promote and believe in a more enlightened future for the planet. We will shift the habit of thinking in terms of problems to a focus on a path of hope and optimism. We will encourage replacing anxiety with appreciation - replacing fear with faith and confidence in our ability to create positive solutions to each challenge we discover. We will keep you advised.

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