To help shape an idea of where we have been and where we are going, I have the story of Hale Kealohalani Makua for you.  I came across a book by Hank Wesselman called The Bowl of Light that brings some valuable insights to our discussion.  The book recounts conversations between Wesselman and a highly respected Hawaiian teacher and healer, Hale Kealohalani Makua.  Mr. Wesselman states at the beginning of his book that it was Makua who, “entrusted me with his spiritual knowledge and who encouraged me to bring it to a wider world.”  Makua was a modern day shaman and direct descendant of a long line of Hawaiian spiritual leaders.  This Wesselman book, along with his earlier books in “The Spiritwalker” series, is very insightful and filled with stories of realities quite different than the ones most of us accept as the world we live in.  The truly exciting element for me was that all of the concepts expressed from Makua’s wisdom tradition are right in sync with the story told by this book from a place far away in time and space and culture. 

The paradigm we are discussing is presented in a very definitive way with an explanation that comes from generations of Hawaiian mystics and cultural leaders.  Makua tells Wesselman that we are entering the “Sixth Level of Reality,” which began in late 2013.  We have evolved through levels of pure survival to levels of ever increasing spiritual awareness.  Gradually through thousands of years, we have gained awareness of our true nature as the shapers of our own and creation’s future path.

From Wesselman’s book, “You see,” Makua said, his dark eyes gazing deeply into the far distance, “it is at the sixth level that we really begin to establish an ongoing and formal connection with ‘Aumakua, our Higher Self, and when we do, we find something that is very important.  This is when we discover ‘Aumakua, our personal god-self, was, is, and forever will be our true teacher in spirit.  This is why we will never find a better teacher than ourselves.”  Makua went on to say concerning this next cycle of existence, “This means that we have to create a new foundation for the next cycle, and what we decide to build on this will determine the spiritual focus as well as our lifeways for much of the next several thousand years.”

Social conditioning is ever more pervasive and powerful as the Technology Age advances, dramatically establishing communication between all members of our world community as never before.  We are bombarded each day with opinions and information claiming to define reality.  As we will discuss in these pages, whatever we accept to be true will become true for each of us.  We must recognize that we are in control.  We must refuse to believe in and accept “realities” that we don’t want.  That is why big social changes often take generations to happen.  The old beliefs must slowly fall out of favor to allow new ones to emerge as the cast of actors on the stage of life changes and new storylines emerge.  That’s the REALITY we need to know:  we are each believing into being our own storylines with everything about our destiny in our own hands even if it does not seem like it.   We have the ability to create, through our own imagination, new realities that eventually become the new and improved storylines for the adventure of life.