Together we always have the opportunity to create an improved future.

Download the flyer for distribution.

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To the management of this establishment:

By the simple act of cutting back on the use of plastic straws we can have a significant impact on reducing harm to our oceans and the rest of the environment resulting from massive amounts of waste plastic.

The US alone consumes 500 million straws each day.  Most of these straws end up in the world’s oceans, where they clot shorelines and gather in thick gyres.  They end up being mistaken for food by marine life, which, when swallowed, can cause injury or even death.

And straws — coffee stirrers, cocktail straws, big, bendy straws — gradually break down into microplastics that leach toxins into the water and eventually blanket the sea floor.  Seen from this macro-perspective, minimizing straws would be a pretty effective place to start in the quest to clean the oceans.

The fight against plastic straws is incremental. It involves convincing one inventory manager or shop owner at a time to stop ordering plastic straws and either find a biodegradable or reusable alternative, or simply stop offering straws.

Businesses can offer paper or bamboo straws and can encourage customers to buy reusable steel or bamboo straws.

Some people don’t even like straws for most of their drinks.  Many people would not care if they did not have a straw for their drink.  As more people become aware of the problems being created by straws they prefer to not use them.

HOWEVER many establishments simply include a straw with every drink no matter what the customers preference.

AT THE VERY LEAST, ESTABLISHMENTS SHOULD ONLY PROVIDE STRAWS IF REQUESTED.  The BEST case would be to not offer plastic straws at all or offer a paper straw instead.

We would like to make a request that this establishment only provide a straw upon request and ideally offers a bio-degradable alternative such as paper.

Thank you for help in making the world a better place to live.    

A project of The PositiVibes Network, Inc. and

Together we can create an improved future.

Download the flyer for distribution.

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