Scentability’s The Bright Side

ScentsAbility’s mission is to provide job training, employment and supported
housing to young adults with intellectual and developmental
disabilities (IDD).  Here’s an update about adding some light to the world!

Fall 2018 

It’s Fall!  Here in Florida, we don’t get crunchy fall leaves, cozy nights by the fire or bundling up in comfy sweaters, but we still enjoy the scents of the season!  Warm apple pie, yummy pumpkin spice and toasty salted caramel remind us of Autumn.  When this time of year rolls in, we like to fill our homes with the quintessential scents of Fall.

We provide an environment where young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities plays a role in the development, creation and sale of our scented artisan products.

We provide a safe and comfortable home where young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities  are able to live independently and have fulfilling lives.

We provide an engaging community where young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are given many opportunities to connect and have some fun!

Our Halloween party was a blast!  Thank you to Zona Fresca for providing the delicious treats!  We ate, danced and had so much fun!   If you’d like to sponsor a social or fundraising event for Scentability, please contact Bonnie:


Salted Caramel

Pumpkin Spice

Apple Pie

Welcome Orchidia

We were thrilled when Orchidia came to visit us recently.  What’s Orchidia?  The short answer is that they make scents.  But it so much more!  Orchidia believes that scent is one of the cornerstones of an experience.  They are passionate about scents – as are we.  Matt – who our team nicknamed “Michigan” (we are not quite sure why!) and Mike showed us how to categorize fragrances into different families. They also taught us how to rename a fragrance using their newly learned fragrance categories. It was very enlightening and a lot of fun!

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