Joy and hope are a large part of what makes each of us human.

At the Playing For Change Foundation, it has often been said that “we’re in the joy business” because we believe that music and the arts have a power like no other to lift the spirit, bring joy and instill hope, especially in circumstances where you wouldn’t expect it. The goal of our programs is to not only strengthen their minds, but also to empower their spirits. When young people are given the space and opportunity to play and enjoy it allows hope to enter, giving them the confidence that anything is possible.

This holiday season spread the joy and love by giving a young person the chance to experience the transformative power of music with a tax-deductible donation that will grow our programs.

It’s your generosity during this season of giving that will allow these children to become well, anything they want to be.

And that’s a pretty powerful gift.

Thank you, as always, for your support.


#GiveMusic #WeArePlayingForChange

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