Pack up your fears and worries and leave them behind in 2018. Be ready to embark on the adventures of 2019 with hope, optimism and a conviction that you can help make this planet a better place to live! It is up to you/us to make it a Happy New Year and bring more Joy to the World!

It really is totally up to you because right now in this moment and the next and the next NOW it is totally up to YOU what you decide to believe to be the path of your unfolding future.

Are you lost in regret about a past you can never change or fearful about a future that has not happened?

The BEST resolution you can make for the New Year is to decide to replace worry with positive anticipation and realize that any stupid things you did in the past should not be regretted because they were reality feedback to help you refine your course. A life without mistakes would be very unsatisfying because it is the recognition of mistakes that will lead you to your true power.

You can learn to avoid many mistakes though if you are willing to pay attention to that little voice in your head that some may call conscience or maybe it is you guardian angel whispering in you mind. You know those times you have had a “feeling” about something? It does not even matter if you give it a name or not but you need to learn to notice the advice and let it guide you. You will find that if you learn to do that you will make far fewer mistakes and lot’s of seemingly magical things will start to happen instead. How do you do it? Stop worrying about anything and seek the silver lining in lessons of the past.

The best way to do it is to develop and attitude of gratitude. Instead of wasting any energy on worry, work to keep pulling your thinking back into the moment by looking for things to appreciate. If you find this challenging make a list of things you can appreciate about your life right now. Saying THANKS is the best prayer you can offer the world. The physical world responds to your thoughts. All things respond positively to PRAISE. This is a classic example of Karma – the more love and appreciation you send out, the more will flow back at you.

You are the designer of your reality. Everything is determined by the energy you are sending out into the cosmos. The positive energy of hope, appreciation and love will shape your reality to bring you ever more pleasing results in your life. So make that PositiVibes resolution but know that like any other New Year’s Resolution, it is up to you to stay on track. It really is always up to you. Keep that attitude of gratitude.

So, please be filled with anticipation and hope for the year ahead. Many more of your dreams will come true. As you make it a Happy New Year you are just going to find more and more to be thankful for and you will be an uplifting force affecting all of us!