Is that kid sitting in detention for the 20th time just a BAD apple? Is the woman screaming at her kids and drinking too much every afternoon just a looser? Is the angry guy who gets picked up with a gun looking for bragging rights for his gang nonredeemable? Everyone can change. The key is finding the path – seeing a different reality to model your life on. To become a better you, you first need to realize that you are worthy of your goodness and then you must have a model to emulate. It’s not bad apples, it’s being in a bad apple barrel that is the problem.

If you are to change the world, it is crucial that you realize that you in fact are “the designer” of your world. Everything that you experience starts as the seed of a belief in your mind before you experience it in the “real” world. 

Here is a quote from Deepak Chopra to help point us in the right direction.

“Noted Swiss Psychologist and Psychiatrist, Karl Jung, coined the term Collective Unconscious. He coined the term to signify the beliefs we hold that are based on what others have taught us. All these beliefs stem from object referral, seeking answers externally and accepting others portrayals of how life is supposed to be. As we reconnect with the higher self delving within for guidance we begin to live our lives through self-referral, detaching from external messages and living from pure consciousness or the unified field.”

Many people live their lives on a kind of “auto-pilot” simply reacting to the world as they experience it. People get into the habit of simply expecting more of the same. They try to hold on and survive thinking they are just along for the ride. The “real reality” is that you are not a passenger in this adventure, you are the Captain of the ship but you must choose to believe it and take control.

A friend of mine by the name of Eddie Deen has been helping people take command of their lives as the Captain of their fate. Eddie does a lot of work with people who have fallen from grace due to circumstances they were not able to deal with. He has discovered that many people are damaged psychologically around the age of five years old. They are convinced of limitation before they have reached the maturity to have created a strong and positive self image. They have accepted that they were the person that others taught them they were. If you are convinced that you are simply a “bad apple” you may never get beyond it because it becomes a self-replicating reality and unless something helps you break out of the loop, you can be stuck forever.

Eddie Deen has been promoting a formula to change the game. Eddie is very clear that we should not be placing our recriminations on the “bad apples”. The problem is BAD apple barrels.  A dysfunctional family is a bad apple barrel. Detention at school is a bad apple barrel. A prison is a bad apple barrel. The secret is getting that “bad apple” into a good apple barrel. When it comes to living beings, one bad apple will not spoil the rest – the “collective unconscious” of the rest will provide new beliefs to challenge the ideas that have created the bad apple. Put a “bad apple” into a barrel filled with belief in a different reality where there is a new found love and respect for the troubled individual and their reality will begin to shift. 

What you believe will always determine your reality. We must create the circumstances for the “bad apples” to change their minds. We cannot expect them to fix themselves without the opportunity for some new programming. Shunning them and locking them away only takes away hope that they will find their way to the light. Caring and forgiveness is not enough though. We must strive to wake them up to a new view of the world. That is our challenge. We must focus on setting the example by our own beliefs and actions. Most important, we must take the focus off of their failures and challenges and consistently focus on their successes. We must create an environment for them where they can be successful. We need to nurture their Spirit with a firm belief in their ability to be the Captain of their own ship and navigate a true course toward the life they deserve – a life filled with light, hope and magic.

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.     – Willie Nelson

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.    – Margaret Mead