Habitat Broward Wins Three Awards
L to R: Melonie Bully-Chambers, Marcia Barry-Smith, Nancy Robin and Barbara Witte
Habitat for Humanity of Broward and our team members were honored not once, but three times at the 9th Annual Community Care Plan Non-Profit Awards hosted by 2-1-1 Broward and presented by the Signature Grand on Friday, February 22, 2019.
Marcia Barry-Smith, Director of Community Outreach and Program Services for Habitat Broward, won the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lifetime Achievement Award for her tireless efforts to serve those in need. Habitat Broward was awarded the Memorial Healthcare System Non-Profit Organization of the Year Award in recognition of its work to expand our inventory of affordable housing. Additionally, Barbara Witte, Director of Development & Marketing for Habitat Broward, received the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy National Leadership Institute Development Executive of the Year AwardLearn More
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