Why Is Meditation SO Important?

The key value of meditation is its ability to give you a break from that non-stop monologue in your head that is from what we are calling your “ego” basic operating system.  Because the story told by that ego part of you is based entirely on past experience it cannot take your story anywhere new for your future.  Meditation helps open the communication with the non-physical higher self part of your being that is the source of inspiration and imagination. 

To break out of your normal habits of behavior and belief, you will find meditation to be an easy and effective process.  You should use the program activated in the player below as a good introduction.  The beneficial effects will increase with regular consistent use.  If you can set aside about 20 minutes and put yourself in a quiet comfortable spot where you will not be disturbed, try it now.  Be sure to shut off your phone or any other devices that might disturb you.  You will find this an interesting and beneficial experience. 

TSA Start Transformation Meditation

by JB | Time Space Adventurers Series

You can find plenty of documentation on the benefits of meditation.  It seems more and more people are talking everyday about meditation and mindfulness (which is really another word for the same consciousness raising objective).  This is one more indicator that the shift to the emerging new paradigm is accelerating.

Different people will have a different experience and your experience will change a bit each time you meditate.  The effects are cumulative but even just this one session has made some positive changes in your brain and nervous system.  You should make this a daily practice – it is a great way to get your day off to a good start. Regular meditation will assure you better heath and increased peace of mind.  Over time it will allow you to move past any limitations that you may have experienced and help you transform you life in very enjoyable ways.

It would be ideal for you to try this meditation exercise now but even more important is that you make this part of your daily routine taking time for this exercise before your morning meal.

Learn more about meditation, you can visit: https://chopracentermeditation.com

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