A new version of Reality is available to you where you are an unlimited non-physical being having a physical Time Space Adventure. Most of us believe we are only the physical character we have imagined into being. That entity is only a very small part of the powerful creative being you actually are. If you are willing to open your consciousness to begin experiencing the world in this way, a life of intentionally shaping wonderful adventures will open to you.  Go exploring at www.TimeSpaceAdventurers.com.

From Deepak Chora’s book, METAHUMAN:
“Somewhere in prehistory Homo sapiens crossed over into virtual reality, when a mind-made simulation became essential in our evolutionary path. The exact era will never be known, or the reason, if any, why one species should acquire such powers and know that it had them. No other species tells stories and convinces itself that they are true. There are many mysteries in our past. Somehow, following whatever tortuous path, we managed to make our simulation so convincing that we got lost in it.”  


The GAIA Game:  Preface


The foundation concept for what we shall call The Gaia Game is the premise that we are each the author and director of our personal life experiences.  As the playwright William Shakespeare famously said,


All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts…


While we are all continuously interacting with each other, everyone lives in their own unique reality and they believe it to be real.  It is of course but the point is that it is not identical to anyone else’s reality.  Different things will be believed to be TRUE by different people.  This is because everyone has created/imagined a unique world based on their individual life experiences.  You come to believe certain things about yourself and the world that will be the “truth” for you until you change your mind about them.  The key is the realization that everything depends on your choices and beliefs.  Everything happens as you imagine and believe it to be. 


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