Protect Yourself Now By Strengthening Your Immune System

An immune system is a host defense system comprising many biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against disease. To function properly, an immune system must detect a wide variety of agents, known as pathogens, from viruses to parasitic worms, and distinguish them from the organism’s own healthy tissue.

Fear is a threat because it weakens your immune system – you can take many steps to reduce any risk to your well-being.

Here Are Eight Practical Tips by Sheila Patel, M.D., Chief Medical Officer
    1. How to Stay Calm and Support Your Immune System
  1. Engage in meditation — Meditation increases expressions of genes that are beneficial to the immune system. In addition, stress hormones can reduce the effectiveness of immune cells, so by reversing the stress response with meditation, we support our immune function.
  2. Breathe — Doing some slow, belly breathing can calm the mind, which in turn strengthens the immune system. When we slow down the breath, we calm the stress response that can weaken the immune system. Try counting to 4 or 5 with each inhalation and exhalation to slow down your breathing. You’ll notice the effects right away!
  3. Get good sleep — Sleep has been known to boost T-cells which help us fight disease, especially viral diseases. Get at least 7-8 hours of natural, restful sleep.
  4. Eat well — Eating a healthy, organic, plant-based diet gives us the phytonutrients we need for healthy immune function. Plants are full of the healthy vitamins and micronutrients that keep our cells healthy, like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, zinc and other trace elements needed to support immune cells.
  5. Get regular exercise — Simple daily movement, such as walking, can keep your stress levels down, which in turn supports the immune system; however, if you are not feeling well, give your body the rest it needs by reducing activity. Try doing some gentle yoga at home to keep yourself moving and reduce stress.
  6. Use social media mindfully — It’s important to stay informed, however checking your phone every two minutes to see if there is another development in the story will only serve to put you on edge. Instead, when you get an urge to grab your device, try acknowledging the impulse and taking a deep inhale and exhale and repeating this simple mantra to restore peace and harmony: Shanti (shan tee).
  7. Connect with loved ones — As schools shut down and people stop shaking hands, it’s important to maintain connections with those that we trust and love. Interpersonal connection has been shown to reduce stress and increase happiness. As much as possible check-in with those you love even if it’s just a video chat, call or text.
  8. Consider supplements — If you’re constantly on the move, or don’t have access to fresh-cooked meals, supplements can help provide vitamins and minerals essential for a robust immune response.
SEE BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION – (note: Sheila Patel did not specify any particular supplements. Our products are provided by Zinzino. These products are supplements that we believe provide a powerful way to boost your immune system, but if you need more in depth information please contact a licensed doctor. LIFE IN BALANCE. At Zinzino, we provide best-in-class, cutting edge and tailor-made products within the new science of pharmaconutrition, which uses active nutrients from food to fight the imbalance in our modern lifestyle.

A one-two punch to fight off viruses and other threats to your health! XTEND for basic protection. Add PROTECT for an immune system booster.


Xtend, our most advanced immune and nutritional supplement, is an outstanding source of 23 essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and purified 1.3/1.6 beta-glucans derived from baker’s yeast, protecting and renewing cells and tissues – the perfect complement to BalanceOil to complete your health protocol.

    • Key Benefits
  • Enjoy more energy
  • Improve your bone and joint function
  • Boost your immune system
  • Sourced from natural ingredients
  • 45 approved health benefits (European Food Safety Authority, EFSA)
  • Provides a comprehensive program of nutritional factors needed for tissue growth and repair


The B vitamins (B1-B12) and also a number of minerals in Xtend such as copper, magnesium, iodine and manganese have health claims stating that they are important for normal energy-yielding metabolism.


Xtend contains several vitamins and minerals with approved health claims related to bones and muscles. These are Vitamin D, C, K and magnesium, manganese and zinc.


Xtend contains 1,3/1,6 beta-glucans. This nutrient, derived from the cell walls of a highly purified, proprietary strain of Baker’s yeast, has been clinically proven to enhance the immune system. Several of the compounds (for example folic acid, iron, b6, copper) also contribute to this crucial health benefit. In addition to the vitamins and minerals in Xtend, it also contains carotenoids, xanthophylls and a group of polyphenols from a basket of fruits, spices, and vegetables. To get the same amount of all these nutrients from foods, you would have to eat more than 3000 calories of the most nutrient-dense foods every day. All the ingredients in Xtend exert over a hundred health benefits confirmed by EFSA (the European Food Safety Authority). These affect every cell, organ, and tissue4 in the body. Xtend is the perfect supplement to BalanceOil, providing you with a complete nutrient support program.

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Protect is an all-natural supplement that protects you by enhancing immunity, so you can feel well and stay well. It contains a unique and effective vegan Vitamin D3, which contributes to a normal immune system and high potency, clinically proven 1.3/1.6 beta-glucans.

When we interact with other persons at work, at the gym or when travelling, we get exposed to their germs. We also experience physical and psychological stress in our daily life. All these factors affect our immune system, our physical health and overall wellness. Zinzino Protect allows for a self-care approach to your health. It is an all-natural supplement with ingredients designed to protect you, by enhancing immunity, so you may be well and stay well. Protect contains a unique and effective vegan vitamin D3, ensuring optimal innate and adaptive immunity and specialized and standardized 1,3/1,6 Beta-glucans derived from baker’s yeast. Protect works best when taken daily, as the key innate immune cells are renewed every 1-2 days and they all need priming in order to work effectively.

Multiple clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of the ingredients used, which all are natural, vegan, gluten-free and GMO-free.

    • Key Benefits
  • Vitamin D3 boosts your immune system
  • High potency 1,3/1,6 Beta glucans,
  • clinically proven
  • All natural
  • Vegan
  • GMO-free
  • Gluten-free


What should YOU do to build a robust Immune System?

  • Sleep – A very important factor because when you are sleeping, that is when your immune system recharges. Getting 8 hours of sleep per night optimizes production of HGH (human growth hormone, which helps repair our body). The World Health Organization lists sleep deprivation to be as carcinogenic as cigarettes and asbestos.
  • Avoid Sugar – It’s important to be aware that eating sugar inhibits your immune system.
  • Keep Chronic Stress Out Of Your Life –Nothing undermines the immune system so strongly as long periods of ongoing stress that isn’t dealt with. The AMA recently stated that 80-85% of doctor visits were related to some sort of stress. If you make some “downtime” meditating a daily experience it provides a proven way to re-charge your body mind system.
  • Maintain a Healthy Digestive System – Your gastrointestinal system contains the largest number of immune cells in your whole body – constituting up to 80% of your entire immune system. So you can see that having a healthy digestive tract is vitally important. An excellent product to help optimize your digestive track is ZinoBiotic
  • Get Plenty of Good Quality Protein – A healthy immune system needs adequate amounts of amino acids and proteins to function well.
  • Avoid Antibiotics – Antibiotics may be necessary if you have an out-of-control bacterial infection, but they don’t work on viruses. Because antibiotics play such havoc with healthy gut flora, they have a very negative impact on your immune system.
  • Eat Plenty of Organic Fruits and Vegetables – Getting plenty of nutrient dense fruits and vegetables into your body plays a big role in the strength of your immune system. If you don’t feel like eating, you can also do juicing, which helps you get the most out of the phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables.
  • Take Immune System Supporting Supplements – Many natural supplements are available that research indicates will help you create a stronger immune system.
Nutritional Values and Ingredients in XTEND
    • Nutritional Values
  • Thiamin 2,2 mg (200 %)*
  • Riboflavin 2,1 mg (150 %)*
  • Niacin 16 mg (100 %)*
  • Pantothenic acid 9 mg (150 %)*
  • Vitamin B6 2,8 mg (200 %)*
  • Biotin 150 µg (300 %)*
  • Folic acid 200 µg (100 %)*
  • Vitamin B12 6,75 µg (270 %)*
  • Vitamin C 80 mg (100 %)*
  • Vitamin D3 20 µg (400 %)*
  • Vitamin E 12 mg (100 %)*
  • Vitamin K1 25 µg (113 %)**
  • Vitamin K2 60 µg
  • Magnesium 180 mg (50 %)*
  • Iron 4,2 mg (30 %)*
  • Zinc 10 mg (100 %)*
  • Iodine 150 µg (100 %)*
  • Copper 1 mg (100 %)*
  • Manganese 2 mg (100 %)*
  • Selenium 83 µg (150 %)*
  • Chromium 80 µg (200 %)*
  • Molybdenum 50 µg (100 %)*
  • 1,3 – 1,6 Beta-glucan (Wellmune™) 200 mg
  • Curcumin 100 mg
  • Coenzyme Q10 15 mg
  • Lutein 6 mg
  • Beta-carotene 0,9 mg
  • Zeaxanthin 6 mg
  • Tomato extract 40 mg
  • – of which lycopene 4 mg
  • Green tea extract 40 mg
  • – of which polyphenols 12 mg
  • Olive extract 500 mg
  • – of which oleuropein 50 mg
  • – Hydroxytyrosol 5 mg
  • Broccoliekstrakt 50 mg
  • Algae extract 200 mg
  • – of which phlorotannins 8 mg
  • * % of reference value, Direktiv 96/8/EC. ** % of the reference value for both vitamin K1 og K2
INGREDIENTS Bulking agents (beta cyclodextrin, microcrystalline cellulose, tricalcium phosphate), olive leaf extract (Olea europea folia), magnesium hydroxide, algae (Ascophyllum nodosum), 1,3-1,6 beta-glucans* (from Saccharomyces cerevisiae), turmeric root extract (Curcuma longa), Vitamin C, Broccoli extract (Brassica oleracea), zinc bisglycinate, Vitamin E – mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols, green tea leaf extract (Camellia sinensis), tomato fruit extract (Solanom lycopersicum), Iron bisclyinat, anti-caking agents (silicon dioxide, magnesium salts of fatty acids, Polyvinylpyrrolidone), marigold flower extract (Tagetes erecta), folic acid, Vitamin K2, sodium selenate, niacinamide, Coenzyme Q10, sodium molybdenum, manganese bisglycinate, micro-algae extract (Dunaliella salina), copper bisglycinate, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, chromium chloride, Vitamin B6, thiamine hydrochloride, riboflavin, Vitamin K1, potassium iodine, biotin. Nutritional Values and Ingredients in PROTECT
    • Nutritional value per capsule
  • Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) 1,3-1,6 Beta-glucans* 200 mg
  • Vitamin D3 (400% of the reference value) 20 µg
  • *Wellmune ™
INGREDIENTS Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) 1,3/1,6 Beta-glucans*, bulking agent (microcrystalline cellulose), capsule shell (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol derived from plant extract), anticaking agents (magnesium salts of fatty acids,tricalcium phosphate).