To Thine Own Self

By James Dillet Freeman

James Dillet Freeman Poetry. To Thine Own Self, Nature Poetry, Nature and Interdependence.

The lake looked at the mountain, and thought:

O fortunate mountain, rising so high,

while I must lie so low.

You look far out across the world

and take part in many interesting happenings,

while I can only lie still.

How I wish I were a mountain!


The mountain looked at the lake, and thought:

O fortunate lake, lying so close

to the warm-breasted Earth

while I loom here

craggy, cold, and uncomfortable.

You are always so peaceful,

while I am constantly having to battle

howling storm and blazing sun.

How I wish I were a lake!


All the time, quietly,

the mountain was coming down

in silver streams to run into the lake,

and the lake was rising as silver mists

to fall as snow upon the mountain.

James Dillet Freeman Poetry. To Thine Own Self, Nature Poetry, Nature and Interdependence.This poem is excerpted from Angels Sing in Me: The James Dillet Freeman Memorial Book (Unity Books, 2004), now out of print. To read more of Freeman’s writing, you may request the booklet I Am God’s Song.

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