Every month, opbmusic presents songs recorded live at Pickathon 2019, that showcase some of the festival’s most exciting performances.

A three-hour slot at Pickathon was unheard of in its 21-year history. Breaking tradition, Pickathon gave a headline slot to Phil after he expressed interest in exploring unique festivals to perform with the Terrapin Family Band. The group delighted the ears, hearts and minds of these Friday night revelers. And Lesh, one of the pioneers of the jam movement, felt right at home in the unique and communal environment that so naturally formed in the undergrowth of the Doug Firs at the Wood Stage.

The Terrapin Family Band developed organically and includes: Phil’s son Grahame Lesh (guitar), old family friend Alex Koford (drums), Jason Crosby (piano/violin), Ross James (guitar) and Elliott Peck (vocals). With the Grateful Dead songbook providing the catalyst for the improvisation, the band builds upon each of the musician’s strengths and influences to form a hard-driving rock sound rooted in the exploratory spirit of the Dead. The band closed out their first set with “Cassidy,” and the lyrics “Ah child of countless trees, ah child of boundless seas” resounding out into the woods was apropos for the night.