Would you like to learn to control the design of the days ahead to make your life story more satisfying?  Would you like to become a powerful force for positive change in the world? 

This is a power you were born with but you must learn how to master it.

There is a warning:  If you get this book and study the on-line course you will find that you are designing what happens in each day ahead and your power to influence the direction of your life will grow with practice.   

This is a story about fulfillment. 

This is the path of LOVE.  The path of GRACE.  It is there for everyone and is in fact our natural state of being.  Being off this path is like a short circuit in our energy pathways.  We have let “resistance” slow the flow or even totally block our “peace of mind” in cases where people sink into depression.  

Eliminating fear and judgment from your life is accomplished by recalibrating to consistent feelings of Love and Joy.  This is a learned skill because most people believe that worry is a normal state.  To make the shift is not difficult but it does require some attention to what is going on around you moment to moment.  You must be aware of the path if you will find your way to this new state of being. 

The natural evolution of consciousness is currently moving many of us to these higher levels of awareness and personal creative power.  These materials are designed to help you speed up your journey and fine-tune your path through new adventures.

Your life story is your adventure tale to write.  With desire as your creative compass find your path to the YOU you want to be.


Together we can shift beliefs about what REALITY is and offer anyone interested with information useful for designing life experiences that deliver ever greater fun and satisfying adventures. It is our hope that through our combined actions and convictions we will be a powerful force inspiring positive changes in each of our lives that will provide increased joy, compassion and enthusiasm for all of our future adventures.

Take a look at the WELCOME video below from the first section of the on-line course you will get access to.  This will provide a bit more insight into the intention of these materials.

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