Let’s face the fact that there is much misinformation and opportunistic opinions to serve one storyline or another.  It is faulty logic to judge anyone good or bad since 99% of the time everyone always believes their beliefs are the correct ones.   So how do you determine the best storyline?  It should be the one that opens the way to the most peace and happiness for the most people.  We are all in this together, like it or not.  This planet is becoming a smaller and smaller place and if we persist in fighting amongst ourselves we will be a body plagued with disease and pain. 

You may like Trump or not but the fact is that he has, particularly since the election, been sowing anger and fear rather than painting any kind of a positive vision for the future.  His failure to accept the election and support the actual message of his slogan “Make America Great Again” is sad.  It seems clearer than ever that Trump has only been interested in “HIS” America.  He could have done so much for our country.  He always has been a builder and we have long needed major rebuilding of our infrastructure – roads, bridges, plumbing and plenty more.  Much of it is old and needs repair or replacement.  Instead of trying to maintain the status quo of a fossil fuel economy he could have made us the world leader in harnessing the future that will surely be found in renewable energy sources.  The good paying jobs and economic growth that would have emerged on this path would have been positively transforming on many levels.  Sadly, Trump’s failure was an inability to envision a new and exciting future, instead being stuck on preserving a past of powerful industrialists and the subservient masses.  We are moving into an era of inclusion where soon no one will accept a subservient role or believe anyone is their “better” or that they are in anyway inherently lesser than anyone else.  Respect will be gained by what one does today, not what one (or their family) did in the past.  Change is the only constant of the Universe.  It is those who can adapt and reinvent themselves who ultimately thrive.

So where are we now?  The real concern today is that there are millions of people choosing to believe the story Trump has been telling – and of course he has had powerful allies like FOX News. Those that stormed the Capital – for many of them this was apparently thought to be a “patriotic” duty. For them, those who don’t accept their view have fallen for the deep state lies and manipulation. Not to paint too dark a picture but this is how people like Hitler climbed to power – there were a lot of Germans who took a long time to accept how evil he was – they wanted to believe in him and his Make Germany Great Again line. This is why every one of those who broke laws on Wednesday in DC need to be hunted down and penalized to the maximum the law allows so that we have a chance of stopping this now. It even seems likely that there were “insiders” involved that resulted in the limited police response and the ease with which they entered and left the Capital buildings. So, we need to find out how far the illness has spread and weed it out. Beyond that, we must find a way to reach people who have been seduced into believing in a very angry and negative story line. We need immediate and aggressive action where laws have been broken but then we must figure out how to move what is a large group of the population to a modified path that is tolerant, willing to work together and hopefully compassionate and focused on the betterment of ALL. It is up to ALL of us to create this mood of hope, optimism and love that will be the cure we so clearly need.  If we are to restore health and wellbeing in our America and around the planet for that matter it really does start with us.  What story will you write for your future?

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