Where do I go from here and of course, where do I want to go from here?  Whether you are 7 or 70 you should have a bunch of things that you really would like to do, have and be before this current life adventure comes to a close.

It seemed like a good time to listen to this set of recordings by Jack Boland entitled “All About Goals”.  This eight part lecture series holds a very influential spot in my life story.  This was one of the cassette series’ that I got from Jody Victor when I was on my way to becoming a Direct Distributor in his Amway organization when he was becoming the youngest Crown Direct Distributor in company history and also first second generation Crown DD.  I really give Jody credit for getting me in the habit of listening to recorded talks for insights and inspiration.  The first tape Jody had everyone get was entitled “Self Image” – he believed that building one’s self image was the single most important element in building personal success at anything.  Most of the recorded sets Jody sold pertained to specifics for building an Amway business but the Jack Boland set was a bit different in that it had not been done for Jody’s audience, it was part of an ongoing series done by Jack at his Detroit Church.  Jack Boland was a Unity Minister so this tape series introduced me to not just Jack’s teachings but a whole new Spiritual approach with the Unity Church.  This tape series also did something very special for me; it united an approach to business and career with Spiritual principles.  This was a life changing “Ah ha” kind of experience where many things seemed to fall in place.

Now almost 50 years later I am listening to this set of recordings anew and finding I still have much to learn or rather re-learn.  The ideas run through my approach – or at least what I attempt to consistently make my approach to life.  This is clearly a perfect time to listen anew to Jack’s message as it is really timeless in the concepts it offers.  I find it ties in well with the other things I am doing as I continue to follow a path of growth and discovery as what I call a Designer of Reality™.  If one is a “designer” the first step is really to decide what is to be accomplished.  As Jack points our clearly, it is not just a list of goals that is important – it is the discovering the “feeling” of those goals accomplished that is the magic for manifestation.

So, yes the first step is to make that list – write down everything you want to have, experience and achieve.  That is planting the seeds.  Getting the “feeling” of those seeds sprouting into time space things is the thing that needs to be learned and nurtured.  This is because the opposite – doubt in the seeds growing strong and healthy – is the very thing that will prevent them from growing as they should.  This is the “mustard seed of faith” that Jesus said was all that was needed to move mountains.  It sound so easy but oh, how hard it can be.  We have all of our past experience to raise doubts.  We have the state of the world to raise doubts.  We have the opinions of others to raise doubts.  If we are filled with doubt, we are doomed.

So what does Jack Boland recommend?  First, make the list of goals as complete as possible.  Jack uses the example of goal to lose weight.  Just saying you want to lose 20 pounds can be made easier if combined with other related elements like the new clothes you will get when the weight is lost and how improved your appearance will be.  Add in more of the benefits of losing the weight and it starts to become something you can “feel” the value of and satisfaction that weight loss gives you.  Jack recommends making an “image book” of pictures and notes that portray the desired results.  Maybe it is a picture of the boat you want to have.  Can you “feel” yourself jumping the waves and the spray in your face as you cruise in your boat?  That is the secret to the alchemy of things – you must learn to have the experience of the thing before it has physically arrived in your time space reality.  If you can really get the “feeling” of it without a nagging doubt holding you back, it is yours. 

As we are learning from realizations coming out of Quantum Physics, our perceived reality is but a manifestation of our consciousness.  Quite literally, “as a man thinketh so is he”.  This is the title of a book by James Allen from well over 100 years ago but it is also a popular retelling of the message Jesus and many other Spiritual teachers have delivered for time immemorial.  The only thing we must reject is fear and doubt – they are betrayers.  Whatever we come to believe with all of our heart will always come to pass and in many cases something even better than we had hoped for will become our reality.

So here for you is a link to this eight part series with the hope that you will find value in it for yourself regardless of where you are on current life adventure.

HERE’S YOUR TICKET:  Make GOALS Reality | Designer of Reality  (DesignerOfReality.com/make-goals-reality)