I find it interesting how I feel at this time.  I am very involved in what can be called the “consciousness” movement – an increasingly popular plot line in our ongoing saga as a species.  However, as recent events have clearly demonstrated, while we may be at the cutting edge of reality where new and more evolved is emerging, other storylines remain very active when we step back and look at the BIG picture.  My reason for curiosity about my own emotions comes from the fact that while I should be appalled at many of today’s current events, there is also the twinge of excitement… are we beginning another of our classic battles of good over evil?  This truly is the BIG adventure story for our species.

So, when I say that I am feeling an element of excitement it does seem the wrong reaction.  However, there are compelling reasons for excitement.  Today’s evil villain is from a long line of “evil villains”.  Our story telling is catching up to our reality in that we already have any number of books and movies telling us Mr. Putin’s story.  Whether you go back to medieval times or simply watch an early James Bond movie you can see how we have previously written the tale.  I feel quite certain that Mr Putin is very aware of our stories including the one of our supposed “evolution of consciousness” and interest in caring for all living beings.  Mr. Putin surely thinks this is ridiculous.  Watching our version of the movie, we view his claim of a sovereign right to reclaim his version of reality as equally delusional.

But think about it, there are two predominant storylines and they are very much in play now.  The excitement comes because so many of us believe we actually are nearing an evolutionary jump in consciousness.  A jump that will take us from the “me” species stories that most of us have been living to the “we” story many have been aspiring to.  Actors like Putin are afraid of this story because they are ultimately rendered powerless as their ability to control others is lost.  But back to the excitement I feel guilty about in myself – could this be the beginning of the last great battle of good vs. evil before we move as a species on to new stories?

Then there are all the things we do not know.  Why is this really happening?  Might it be as simple as toppling the old regime one more time or is this the big one?  Salvation or total destruction?  Either way it looks to be GAME OVER and something new will begin.  The amount of power and force on both sides is enough to blow the whole place to Kingdom Come and that would take us back to near the start of the game us again.  However, I hope you will join me on the team that believes there is a greater momentum to the evolutionary forces of nature taking us to a new and more enlightened level of existence.

As a species we are currently in what many view as the late adolescent stage of our conscious development.  We have survived our formative years and as we have grown into young adulthood.  We have devise an ever more elaborate and detail rich story to pass along to our children. 

For some time we have been into getting stuff of our own and putting top importance on the development of our unique “character” who has a role in this saga of the Ages of (Wo)Man.  As a species we have experienced all of the traumas, insecurities, and fears of typical adolescents everywhere through time.  But now, as a “young adult” species, we have gained some confidence in our place in existence.  We cannot forget that, as philosopher Tim Freke points out, we are all traveling on emerging timelines where every moment is connected to and built upon our past.  Now that we have matured as a species we do recognize that we are not doomed to repeat our past mistakes once we recognize them as mistakes.

There is one other aspect that should be touched on.  Might we be part of a “global consciousness” that has a much longer and far greater awareness of how everything affects everything else?  Climate change is unarguably the greatest threat to our species wellbeing at this time (unless of course Putin decides to fire off a bunch of nuclear weapons).  Dr. Strangelove anyone?  Think about this though: Putin’s Russia is basically a big gas station.  The “evil” drug they peddle is petroleum and gas.  If this makes Putin a drug dealer, kill the demand for his product and he goes out of business.  Is it possible that the real thrust of our story is about the turning away from what in small doses was acceptable?  As we have become more and more addicted to burning stuff up for energy, this has evolved from useful to a very destructive force.  Might reviving an “outdated” view of reality be designed to make it more painful to keep doing what we have been doing rather than seeking relief in a future where we have unlimited energy all powered in one way or another by our Sun?  What do you think? 

The one thing it is crucial for us to remember is that it is you and me, right here and right now, who are at the “cutting edge of Creation”.  The future is very much in our hands.  We are today’s story tellers and it will be all of us that make up the future for this adventure game we are playing.  We must not forget that plenty of people want the roles of hero or villain, peacemaker or rebel rouser – that’s why they got into this game.  Many of you may have entered the fray now to have a part in the final battle/big finale in this particular adventure in human consciousness.   I know I have felt these times were very important ever since I was born in what many think of as the beginning of a great transformation for our species that was birthed in the 1960’s.  Many were already calling it the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.   Some 50 years later we find it is us carrying that Age of Aquarius banner as we march forward in time.  How shall we respond to Putin?  How will we assist our planet in reestablishing a healthy balanced living environment for the whole planet?  How will we – today’s storytellers – tell the tale of what is to come?  All of reality starts first as a vision of what can be.