Today is the International Day of Peace, an annual observance created by the United Nations and first celebrated in 1982. To recognize this noble effort, we bring you to Viðey Island, just north of Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik. The island is home to the Imagine Peace Tower, a ring of lights and mirrors that beams up nearly 2.5 miles into the night sky. It was created by Yoko Ono as an extension of the peace campaign started by the artist and her late husband, John Lennon. The base features the phrase ‘Imagine Peace’ in 24 different languages. When speaking of today’s observance, the UN defines ‘peace’ in the broadest terms–ceasefires and truces, however temporary, are all lauded as efforts to create a world free of violence.

IMAGINE PEACE TOWER is a Tower of Light which emanates wisdom, healing and joy.

It communicates awareness to the whole world that peace & love is what connects all lives on Earth.

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The Adventure

Our intent is to build a network of people who are promoting and believing in a more enlightened and joy filled future for the planet based on living compassionately with kindness to all.   


Please join us.

Together we can bring together a group of people to promote and believe in a more enlightened future for the planet. We will shift the habit of thinking in terms of problems to a focus on a path of hope and optimism. We will encourage replacing anxiety with appreciation - replacing fear with faith and confidence in our ability to create positive solutions to each challenge we discover. We will keep you advised.

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