The Karuna Hum Way of Compassion is about more than you healing your body or solving a personal life question.  It is about healing the world.  The reason this is the fourth cornerstone is because you must first learn to take care of yourself before you can offer any significant help to others.  You accomplish this by learning the way of appreciation.  By realizing that whatever you are inspired to want is intended to make the world a better place and that is achievable by you.  All it takes is having faith in a positive result instead of fear of an unwanted outcome.

There is no judgment in kindness.  There is no hate, anger or revenge in kindness.  Without judgment there is no need for forgiveness because you have suspended judgment of the actions of others.  You have accepted that it is not that judgmental ego you running the show but that higher consciousness that realizes there are not good or bad events – there are only evolving storylines that we are influencing by how we channel energy.  If we are channeling the energy of fear and doubt about our wellbeing that is the story we will find ourselves in.  This is why we must give up judgment of everything.  When we are judging we are finding fault.  When we are finding fault we become the one’s responsible for it.  We will create whatever world we believe in.

So this is the ultimate instruction for having successful, satisfying and happy life adventures:

  1. Be kind and compassionate.
  2. Find things to appreciate everywhere you go.
  3. Let your heart and your desire be your tour guide.
  4. Pay no attention to the judgments about yourself and the rest of the world from your ego.
  5. Always accept and expect that things will work out in the best possible way for you.
  6. Make having a life adventure filled with fun, love and personal satisfaction your driving ambition.

This is the story of Karuna Hum, the way of compassion and kindness and ever more wonderful tomorrows.

That gets us to the guidebook part of the Karuna Hum story. Clearly everyone is not having a satisfying experience. Once you wake up to the fact that you can run the show as writer and director of all of the action, then you just need some coaching on how to get the most out of it and how to be satisfied more often than not.

This is from one of the messages in Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditations Series (you will find the “Manifesting Grace through Gratitude” particularly useful – if you are not currently a regular meditator, take advantage of this excellent program):

“Reality is not an impersonal experience or concept.  It is personal, and how we see it and relate to it is a product of our unique history, attitudes, and beliefs.  We are unique in who we are, unique in how we see the world, and unique in the reality we experience. 

The core of our awareness is the source of our beliefs, feelings, and attitudes, and therefore is the place from which we can change our personal reality.  The inner awareness is an ever-present field of possibilities.  We always have the possibility or choice for change at any moment.”

A message from your higher/Soul self:

“We know sometimes you may get frustrated and even feel lost but you are doing a great job.  It is not always easy to be live up to your potential as a powerful Creative force but trying is what makes it an adventure.  Our best advice is to not take it too seriously.  Do whatever you find you enjoy doing.  Do nothing if you like.  It is your game and you asked for an entertaining adventure.  There is no downside.  Your character will reach the end of the line but that will have no lasting effect on you.  You will probably decide to play a new game.  All of us up in the “cloud” here want to thank you because we get to experience this entire adventure with you and it is fascinating.  We are cheering you on all the way and don’t forget we are here to help out anytime – just ask and be willing to accept our help and you will have it.  Happy adventuring – go for it, take chances, test your abilities.  Have fun!”  

Here’s an experiment for you:

If you are not sure where you are on this path, we suggest you do another experiment and send out the question, “What should I do?  And, please help me not miss the answer when you get back to me.  I’ll be expecting some guidance in the next 48 hours.  Thanks in advance”. 

If you are not having much fun with your current storyline don’t ever forget you are in charge.   Change the channel.  Watch a new movie.  Solve the puzzle at hand.  Design a new character.  Everybody has a story and most of them will never have much to do with you.  There will always be dictators, con men, soldiers of fortune – heroes and villains.  Then will be those who just choose to live in their own world enjoying all the wonders that can be found on this lovely planet we have for a home.  Never forget we are here to have an adventure and everyone gets to come up with their own story.  No judgment.  Live and let live.  Stay focused on your own adventure.  

What are the guiding principles for a happy adventure?  Be kind, compassionate, appreciative and let desire be your creative compass.


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