“You are a collection of unique gifts, talents and beauty.  Each of us has something unique that we have to offer to the world.  If we understand that truth then we not only are able to celebrate ourselves but we can appreciate the absolute magnificence of everybody else.  The world needs what only you were divinely created to share.”

Oprah Winfrey

Today you are creating a new day.  Reality springs forth from your consciousness.  The reality you dream into being blends with those dreams of all the other divine beings you are sharing this physical space with at this moment in time to create a world that has never been before. 

You have placed your consciousness in the physical being you think of as yourself for an adventure in Creation.  If you let desire point your direction and let your heart be your compass you will have a magnificent day that blesses all of those in your sphere of influence.  Together we can build love and compassion as we spread hope and chase fears away.  Karuna Hum.