This is the first of 40 live broadcasts. If you want to see more visit We are sharing at no cost this first recording from our new Abraham Now live broadcasts (recorded 3/21/20). Our broadcast now allows for questions to be emailed in and selected by Abraham. Abraham is broadcasting from our Abraham-Hicks Publications studio three days per week to live audiences. These broadcasts stream every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 1 PM Central Time, through June 20, 2020. You can participate live (Abraham encourages that because you are then part of the Energy broadcast that they are responding to) or, if you are unable to see it live, or wish to watch multiple times, all broadcasts will remain at your fingertips for replay. These are leading-edge conversations, responding in real-time, to your active, current questions and observations. These 40 broadcasts will uplift you and soothe you, but even more than that — this is an evolving Master Course in Deliberate Creation.